Someone giving brewery stops in Michigan made me think, why not a thread? My wife and I ride about 12k a year and we look for spots far away to go eat. We regularly ride 200 miles to eat somewhere on the weekend. We look for something unique and some place we will not feel out of place while wearing gear. I will start.

St. Ignace, MI - Java Joes - awesome breakfast, awesome dinner. Coconut Pancakes, Nutella Crepes, lobster Omlettes for breakfast. Mac&Cheese with lobster for dinner. I am in love with this place.

Potterville, MI - Joe's Gizzard City - OK, this was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Thing is gizzards are not the draw, it is a deep fired burger. Can I recommend the battered and deep fried hot dogs covered in chili and cheese? For dessert deep fired nutter butters. Two pieces of advice: 1. Have no plan to go anywhere fast after this as the fried food coma will hit you 2. Don't let the website fool you, this place is a dive so be mentally prepared.