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Thread: Service at Magic City Cycles in Orlando

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    Let me get right the point-there is nothing MAGIC about that dealership since it was sold to BMW of Daytona.

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    Magic City Cycles Orlando

    Just had the 12k service done on my '11 R1200r Classic. The service was performed as stated but nothing spectacular about the parts department (was that tactful enough?). Bought this bike from European Motorcycles of Western Oregon in Eugene in June 2014 with 1167 miles on it or thereabouts. Madeline and the parts guys were marvelous folks to work with; note I said nothing about service or sales department. Had the 6k service (4750 on the odo and no records of a 600 break in checkup) done in Denver at BMW of Denver, absolutely wonderful folks to work with, great bunch in every department! Had Michelin RP4 mounted in NH @ MAX BMW and again great guys that I worked with. MAX BMW in S. Windsor, CT did a quick computer reset for me and advised how best to handle disintegrating tank bag - another great shop. Got to Orlando and scheduled the 12k service, the quote was loose @ $600 - $700 and final bill came to $775.00. Showed the problem with the tank bag, zipper doesn't stay closed and both pull tabs broke off; been 10 days now with no word. I did call after one week which was the approximate timeline I was given for hearing from BMW corporate but when I called was told "haven't heard anything yet, told you I'd call you when I heard" which was news to me. All in all - Max BMW and BMW of Denver both top shelf, use either in a heart beat. Western Oregon and Magic City? KSU and find someone else to deal with - all this is IMHO.

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    JMHO, but once BMW of Daytona bought Orlando BMW some years ago and rebranded it as Magic City Cycles, it went down the tubes.

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