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Thread: Service at Magic City Cycles in Orlando

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    Service at Magic City Cycles in Orlando

    I've always had my bike serviced at BMW of Daytona, but it's a hike over from Orlando. I was wondering if anyone has had service done at the BMW dealer in Orlando, Magic City Cycles (formerly BMW of Orlando)? I need some service done on my K1200LT but don't want to trust it to just anyone. I'd appreciate any comments, good or bad. TIA!

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    I believe that the Orlando BMW dealership is owned by BMW of Daytona. The service should at least be on a par with Daytona.
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    I have been a long-time customer of the BMW Orlando shop and bought 2 new bikes from them. I have had a few issues in the past, but in the last few months I have had 2 major warranty items addressed. The service manager, Corey, was very professional. He rapidly diagnosed my problems, ordered the parts, and promptly scheduled installation. The service tech that worked on my bike was neat and efficient. He explained the work, delivered in the time promised, and returned the bike in a neat and clean order.

    I particularly like dealing with Wally Murphy, the parts manager. He has always been pleasant and efficient. Any order request by phone is promptly filled.

    In short, I am a happy customer.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll give them a shot.

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    How did you make out? I had heard less than stellar reviews from some local folks... always nice for a 2nd opinion though...

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    Dropped the bike off on a Saturday afternoon about 4:00. I was met by the Service Manager, Corey, who was friendly and knowledgeable. I had a intermittent starting issue....and the bike was due for the 36K service. Corey took all the information down, then gave me an estimate for the 36K service.... He said they would look at the bike and let me know what they had found with regards to the starting issue.

    As promised, I got a call from Corey the following Tuesday. He told me the issue was a flat spot on the starter. He gave me the estimate for installing a new one, which included a pretty decent discount on the labor because the bike was already apart for the 36K service. However, it was still quite steep (about $600 for the new starter if I recall correctly). After talking through my options, I told Corey this would have to be something that would have to wait....just couldn't stomach a $2,200 service bill right now. I'd expected it to the be expensive, but that was a bit much. Corey told me he'd see if he could find used or a rebuilt starter that would shave some $$ off. He also mentioned that my front tire would need replacing soon (I knew that, but appreciated the fact that they were checking everything). since they had the bike completely apart, I had them go ahead and do a valve adjustment (greatly reduced labor cost) as well.

    Several hours later, Corey called back to tell me he'd found a rebuilt starter, that had a warranty, and would cost about $400 less. This was still a bunch of $$, but I decided to pull the trigger anyway. I asked if he could get everything done by the upcoming Saturday (Labor Day weekend), and he told me he'd try. We talked about one other warranty issue that ended up not being an issue at all.

    A day later, Corey called back to tell me he had received the rebuilt starter, but it would not work in my bike, becuase it was for a newer LT and the reverse was different. He told me that the company had agreed to rebuild my starter and give me a 1 year warranty. No change to the price. I authorized the work and Corey sent my starter out to be rebuilt, which took 2 days.

    I got a call Saturday morning and Corey said the bike was almost done, and should be ready by early afternoon. I got another call about 2:00 telling me that the only thing left to do was a full test ride by the Tech. I got to the dealership about 4:00, and the bike was ready as promised. The Tech, Dean (I think that was his name) told me he'd put about 30 miles on it checking it out and had no issues. I rode home that afternoon and had no problems. The final cost was exactly what Corey had quoted....steep, but accurate.

    Today, I took the bike out on an extended run, about 150 miles, and everything worked just fine. Next week we are heading out on a 3,000+ mile ride, and it's nice to know everything is in good working order. In short, they'll get my business again. While I hate the price, I like the way Corey and his crew handled the work. Like every dealer, it's expensive, but at least they have the parts and knowledge to do things correctly the first time.

    Hope that answers your questions, but if not, post up and I'll try again .

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    ...sounds like a competent professional service manager and tech...

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    +1 on Magic City Cycles

    I have used Magic City Cycles for over a year now and have had good experiences with them.

    Corey and his team has gotten me in and out of the shop on time and around budget every time.

    I will use them again.

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    Thumbs down Might have spoken too soon..

    Well, perhaps I spoke too soon. I'm up in Montgomery, AL trying to baby the bike back home. It appears they forgot to hook up the auxillary cooling fans and I've been having overheating issues. I now have an oil leak from the valve covers that i've never had (they adjusted the valves), and I discovered the brake fluid was very low. In addition, I've had to push start the bike a total of 5 times on this trip because the starter failed (the original problem I brought the bike in for).

    I should be able to make it home, but I'm going to find out if they stand behind their work. If not, I'll certainly post up a full report along with the photos I've taken. At this point, I'd have to retract my orginal endorsement.

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    Dropped the bike off on Tuesday and gave Corey an explaination of all the issues, as well as photos that I'd took from the oil leak, temperature gage, and the empty brake fluid resovior. Haven't heard a word since. I'll call him on Monday and see what he has to say. Didn't take long to go from a satisfied customer to one that isn't. If they don't make this right, my business will go elsewhere, along with everyone else I can talk to.

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    How'd you make out?

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    Bike is still at the dealer, so I don't know quite yet. I called Corey last week and he said the overheating issue was a bubble in the system, and they'd redone the coolant flush and corrected the problem. The oil leak was the result of reusing the old gasket (not good). The brake problem was supposedly a leak in the line, however we could find nary a trace of brake fluid anywhere on the bike after we stopped to fix the problem, and I had brakes the remainder of the trip (go figure). The cooling fans actually worked at the dealership (first time in a week), so who knows what that is about, and they are checking the starter.

    I'm having a new front tire put on, and the mirror replaced so they were waiting on parts....hence the delay. I'll give them credit for owning up to the issues, and Corey has said they were going to waive any labor charges, including mounting the new tire. I think they are trying to make it right, but I'll wait until the bike is back in my hands and I can verify that things are good before I post again. It goes without saying that this should not have happened, but they get one chance to make it right.

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    Thumbs down Beware....!!!

    The finally score for Magic City Cycles (formerly BMW of Orlando) is NOT favorable at all. After the service I received, I‘«÷ll not be doing business with them again, and I cannot recommend them for service at all. Cory is a really nice guy, as is the parts guy Wally, but they really fouled up my bike. Beware!

    I took the bike in for an issue with the starter. I also had them do a 36K service, including a full annual (all fluids replaced) and a valve adjustment since I had a long trip planned. When the bike arrived at the dealership, the ONLY issue I had an intermittent starter problem. Cory determined that there was a flat spot on the starter, and worked with me to get it rebuilt and replaced. I picked the bike up after 2-1/2 weeks for a long road trip. Just over 100 miles into that trip, I had an overheating problem‘«™.or so the gauge indicated. Before the trip was finished, I had an oil leak, and a brake failure due to a lack of fluid, and the bike failed to start half a dozen times, requiring a push from the other riders to get the bike started. I limped back to the shop and here is what I was told regarding all the problems:

    First, the oil leak was the result of the re-using the same gasket when they did the valve adjustments. Sorry, but I learned this was a huge no-no when I was 10 years old, and NOT something I would expect from a professional mechanic. They had to replace the gasket with a new one. Not good.

    Second, they tightened up all the electrical connections for the starter. I‘«÷m told they have not problems starting the bike while they had it, so they believe this fixed the problem. Only time will tell if they fixed the problem‘«™but if loose electrical connections was the problem, it‘«÷s a huge quality control issue. Again, not good.

    Third, I‘«÷m told I had a leak in the front brake line way up in the bodywork where it could not be seen. Really? Then where did all the brake fluid go as there was absolutely no trace to be found anywhere on the bike. And why, after adding brake fluid in Tuscaloosa, AFTER I lost the front brakes, did I not lose any more fluid? I paid for the new brake line and new brake fluid, and Cory waived the labor‘«™.but this was really suspect.

    Fourth, and this is the one that was the straw that broke the camel‘«÷s back, they still don‘«÷t know why the bike shows as overheating. During my trip, the auxiliary fans never came on, and according the temp gauge the bike would overheat at irregular intervals. I had the trip from hell, having to stop the group often to let it cool off, and constantly monitoring the temp. I was told by Cory that this was probably an air bubble in the system (there‘«÷s that quality control issue again), and that they had it fixed. However, the day the bike was to be delivered, he called and said he had ridden the bike and the problem was still there. He said it was either the sensor, the gauge, or something in the wiring. He said he had no idea how many hours he‘«÷d need to find the problem and what it might cost, but if it was a wiring issue it could get quite expensive.

    Now when I dropped the bike off, it had none of these problems. Now, I‘«÷m being told I have to pay to fix a problem the showed up while they were working on it. Sorry, but given the really poor record of repairs up to this point, I can only surmise that this problem is also the result of poor quality work. I not only think this is not fair, I simply do not trust them anymore. I asked him to have the bike ready for me to pick up Monday morning, and it still took them until 3:30pm to call me and tell me it was ready.

    So, in short, they won‘«÷t work on anything I own again. I‘«÷ll not recommend them to anyone, and at least one friend has decided not to purchase his GTL from them. This is NOT how you treat a customer. They‘«÷ve had my bike for 6 of the last 7 weeks, and it now has a problem it did not have before‘«™.that I‘«÷m still going to have to pay to have fixed. This along with a wallet that is over $2,100 lighter for the parts and service. You be the judge‘«™.but from my perspective, take your service and business somewhere else.

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    I have to comment on this. BMW Orlando used to have the coolest BMW motorcycle shop shirts of anyone.

    Once they became whatever it is now, and moved, they stopped with the shirts. I always made a point so swing over that way when I was in town. No more.

    So, sounds like the service is suspect and lousy tshirt selection.

    What else is there?

    Oh wait, I did get to try on the Shuberth helmet months before my local shop had them in. That was kind of fun.

    Sorry, thought I'd pile on while the opportunity presented itself.
    Rob R
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    Well, my friend took delivery of his GTL on Friday....NOT from this dealership. Not sure what they make on the sales of the bikes, but I'm sure this won't be the last sale they lose.

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