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    I once asked an old rowing coach for advice. He said "smoking or drinking... oh, I thought you said a vice!"

    I bought my single in October 2009... what's that, 22 months? It was my first bike since riding a couple of small 250's in college. I took the MSF course, then Keith Code, put 19,150 miles on the bike.

    I waited until 10,000 miles (10 months) before taking my first passenger. I've waited until 20k miles before thinking about upgrading. I'm looking at big tourers like the C14 and the RT.

    My question is, should I wait another 10k miles before thinking about this, purely from a safety perspective? Would it be wiser to upgrade to a twin (an additional 30 or so horsepower) rather than a boxer? I like the idea of traction control on the boxer, but the R1200R and RT both have more than _double_ the horsepower of the single.

    Anyway... sorry if this seems like unnecessary hand wringing. I like the single, but I also like doing highway riding, and don't really go offroad at all. The single is ok for that, really good actually, but I keep thinking a bigger bike might be better. It's a sickness, I know.


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    I see it as two different things. I would try to ride/rent one of the larger bikes for the weekend and see how you like it. Gary
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    +1 on renting a larger bike for an extended tour. I thought I needed a 1200GS until I put 500 miles on a rental and found that I merely wanted one.

    Actually, the experience showed me that I would need to add to the stable as the F single is to much fun to replace. YMMV.
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    I bought my RT after 3000 miles under my belt. A lot of it is in your head, I mean, you are either safety oriented, or not. You sould like a man with a safety plan. I would definitely test ride & rent one for a day or more, make sure you like it. I want a Ducati, wife is making me rent one. I'm at about 10K miles & think safety every time I strap on my gear.
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