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Thread: Petition to keep trucks off of the Dragon.

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    Petition to keep trucks off of the Dragon.

    This relates to a thread here about a rider crashing into a tractor-trailer on US129 - Deal's Gap - the Dragon. Except I can't find the thread. The rider was killed because the truck took up the entire road. Trucks over a certain length should not be permitted to use this section of road, as they are unable to take the turns without occupying the entire road and often the shoulders. With many turns being blind, this creates an extremely dangerous situation.

    It's worth signing this petition, imo.

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    2 things need to happen. 1st you have to get the entire motoring public to understand this is a hazard to all motorists. 2nd the DOT needs to be held accountable for the recent death. To be more specific the powers that be need their names splashed uncomfortably in the press. They need letters sent and calls thrust upon them to shake them to their cores. They are complicit in the recent death as this is negligence on the states part for lack of such obvious regulation. The regulators need to fill the pain of this or it falls on deaf ears. Other parts of the state of Tennessee have regulations banning trucks without escorts on such roads. This would be nothing new so the question is why ignore this road? This would not set some new precedent in state regulations.

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    OK, but be sure there is no implication that this is a great road to race your motorcycle up and down so get those big trucks off my track. Maybe the seniors in the Camrys, too. The stress should be on the safety of ALL motorists, even the truckers. Good luck!


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    Here is the thread I started. I'll be the first to admit that some squids ride that road way too fast, those riders have the option of slowing down and staying in their lane. Not so with the big trucks! I've been on that road many many times, and I would venture to say that it is impossible for an 18 wheeler to not cross the center line. In my opinion they should have been banned a long time ago. There are numerous other roads in this country where they are not permitted.

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    I will agree that trucks are a problem on US129. That being said, if the politicans
    can be swayed by a petition to ban trucks on this road, then they could also
    be swayed by a petition from the trucking industry to ban motorcycles on this
    road. If trucks are to be allowed on US129, would it work if they were only
    allowed during certain hours? Perhaps not allow them on the weekends?

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    Apples and oranges!! Motorcycles aren't a problem, the problem is with the few idiot operators of them. Whereas the trucks are just physically too large to safely use that road, no matter how good the truck drivers are. The only truly safe way for trucks would be to totally close the road to all other traffic while they make their run.

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    Here are a couple more pics I took a few years ago. This is a good example of just how tough it is for a driver to cross "Deal's Gap."

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