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Thread: Oil Warning '05 R1200RT

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    Oil Warning '05 R1200RT

    I was wondering on a 2005 RT when the (oil warning) symbol comes on is it a level warning or a pressure warning.

    I bought the bike used a couple years ago and had the "√Oil" note would come up at stop signs. The dealer said it was common on that vintage RT and not to worry.

    Now I get the when I slow down. It goes off later in the ride or if I shut down and restart.

    BTW, the oil level is fine according to the sight glass.

    My questions are:
    1. How do I check my oil pump pressure?
    2. Is the warning based on oil level or pressure?
    3. Should I trailer my bike to the dealer, 50 miles away to have it looked at?
    4. Could a plugged filter cause this?

    And last, if it's the switch are they difficult to replace.


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    Good news, it's fine. I have an 05RT also.

    1. How do I check my oil pump pressure?

    I know how to use a gauge on a V8 to do it, but not sure where/how to do it on a boxer. But don't bother, you are fine.

    2. Is the warning based on oil level or pressure?

    Oil level. I'm sure there is a pressure sensor and warning, most likely something that would get your attention (like the red exclamation point), but I'm not certain as I've never had an oil pressure issue, and you don't either.

    3. Should I trailer my bike to the dealer, 50 miles away to have it looked at?


    4. Could a plugged filter cause this?

    I'm guessing no.

    The sensor is a level sensor. It is a bit over sensitive. On mine, I get the ok check when the level in the sight glass is over 50%. When it gets at and below 50%, the warning will come on in hot weather or hard riding. A lot of oil is going to the oil cooler and in the engine and the warning comes on.

    When you stop at a light, and the engine returns to idle, more oil drains down into the sump and the warning goes away.

    I use the warning as a reminder that the oil is getting lower, but nothing critical. I carry 1/5 of a quart in an old STP fuel treatment bottle with me. That 1/5 of a quart is all I need to bring the level up a bit and get rid of the warning. It takes 1/2 quart of oil to go from the bottom of the sight glass to the top. You have near 5 quarts of oil in there, so that's not a huge amount.

    If it bothers you, keep the level around 75% of the sight glass (read after about 5 minutes after shutting down from a good ride to get the oil hot). I read mine after I fill with gasoline.

    The bike is fine. Just ride the wheels off of it.

    PS-Keep up on the final drive oil, and always look for leaks and check for freeplay. You have to be a lot more concerned with the oil in the FD than you do the engine.
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    For an Owner's is all in the Manual.

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    Please read:

    I've added it to the thread title.
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    As has been mentioned, oil level sensor very sensitive.

    Unless I maintain 75-80% of the sight glass covered (which I would do anyways, regardless of whether or not the appeared), I had similar issues.

    After bike is well-warmed up, sidestand it for several minutes. Then center-stand it for several minutes................then, check oil level. If some needs to be added, use a mini-dixie cup to add just a few ounces at a time and wait for the level to self-correct.

    Happy riding!

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