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Thread: Usal Road, northern Ca

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    Usal Road, northern Ca

    Five SF bay area GS riders loaded up their GS for a two nights of camping and exploring the dirt roads off of Highway 1 where it turns east until the town of Honeydew.

    Report with pics, video, and route map at

    Sneak peak from day 2:

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    Nicely done, thanks!

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    great report! one of my all-time favorite rides.

    avoid the area during, um, harvest season in November.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    avoid the area during, um, harvest season in November.
    There was at least one place on the road where the farm was close enough to smell, if not see. Wasn't sure what it was at first as I'd never before been in an area with plants so concentrated you could smell them without first being cured and burned.

    At a rest stop maybe 10 miles out of Honeydew someone was riding up on his 70's era dirt bike. He stopped just long enough to comment that our bikes were "too pretty for this road" then took off. Probably needed to tend his farm.

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