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Thread: International vs. Intranational Rally??

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    America(s) covers this half, or third of the planet, top to bottom, a very long ways. I know America is a USA phenom for the most part, but the America's came about so long ago, from England and so on. The New World, as we are Virgins in History. Randy PS; Loved the Capitol City of Canada on ride trans Canada ride a few years ago

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    Just a quick correction to your post Ottawa is the National Capital of Canada and not the Capitol city.

    As I live and work in our Nation's Capital I must take the time to politely educate others about my dear over-taxed city.

    To the moderator(s) if my post appear to be more politically slanted than what is deemed acceptable I would gladly accept you letting me know.

    Have a great week.
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    Key West "International" Airport has ALWAYS been in Key West, as far as I know. The North American "International" Auto Show has ALWAYS been in Detroit, as far as I know. It would seem quite odd if they held the "Frankfurt International Auto Show" in, say, Helsinki.

    The rally does not have to go to another country to be considered "international" as I don't believe that that is the definition of the word in this usage.

    That said, if the obstacles to a Canadian rally could be overcome, I would certainly attend one.
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    It's all about your reference frame. The actual rally events are intranational, but the participants are international. I think "a rally between many nationals" is far more accurate than "a rally within one nation." The intent is to bring people from many nations to rally, not to all gather in one nation.

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