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Thread: women's seminar

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    This will be my first BMW Rally. I would love to attend a women's seminar. I am attending the ERC for women only on Saturday morning, so an earlier day would be great for me. I will keep an eye on this site for further developments. Thanks

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    Un related subject

    I see your from Tybee, I was born and raised in Sav. and use to work at the CG station in Tybee, since im home visiting my folks alot (and my wifes), I was wondering where you get your Beemer serviced, the dealer that use to be there closed up shop, I heard there was a guy in Richmond Hill??? just wondering where you go. I retire from the Guard in about 5 years, if I could scrape up the money I'd love to open a New dealership there.
    Im almost certain Im going to the rally, if so I will be coming from CT, (trailering) after the rally Im heading to savannah to pick up my kids from the grandparents, (which im taking there this weekend). If you got a crowd riding back that way Id like to get in on it. My wife can drive the van/trailer, we have to trailer the bike since we have to pick up the kids after the rally. if this is the case im sure she wouldnt mind throwing all the goodys yall buy in the van for safe travel.
    p.s. you can PM me or email me if you want to talk offline

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