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Thread: C-Tek 7200 ok for can bus bike?

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    C-Tek 7200 ok for can bus bike?

    I posted this same question in the Hexheads, Camheads section but figure that since all of the newer stuff is can bus then it really is a general question. The can bus bikes have no fuses, the computers provide all circuit protection. With the BMW charger you can charge throught the accessory plugs, anyone know if this is safe with the C-tek? I already own 2 C-teks and don't really want to buy the BMW charger if I don't have to. If there is compelling evidence that there is no substitute for the BMW charger then I will of course, get one.

    can bus for those who don't know. basically means there is less wire on the bike and field fixes are a thing of the past.

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    I use a C-Tek and its works very well. I have a C-Tek pigtail going directly to the battery. The pigtail also has red, yellow, and green leds to show the state of the battery which is also handy.

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