Hello Folks:
My first post ever to a forum...
Looking to purchase an R1100S and trying to learn if there are known issues or things I should look out for when inspecting a bike pre-purchase.
There are two for sale locally.

Bike 1: 1999 42K miles - private seller, maintained at the local BMW Dealer. Seller is turning over this bike to purchase one of the new 1600 sixes. Third owner. Seems like a trustworthy guy. Has stated that he's done all the scheduled maintenance since he's owned it. Has some extra goodies - cases; bike appears to be in very good condition.

Bike 2: 2000 24K miles - Dealer (but not BMW who seems to be reputable; no known issues there). The bike has been down-Cylinder head is abraded on one side but nothing that appears to be significant. Body work is in good condition. Looks like the bike was last titled in CA (a long way from Milwaukee....). Service history is unknown.

I haven't riden in about three years. Had a Thumper - a 1997 F650ST that I used for fair weather commuting. Sold it due to financial constraints and have regretted it ever since. Got the BMW bug and don't want to look at anything else - and I promised myself that this was the summer to get a bike again.

So - what do I need to watch out for???

Thanks for any replies!!!