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    Low Bars

    I'm thinking about changing upright bars to low bars on my '74 R75/6. I have seen specs for different length cables with high and low bars. If I were to change, it seems to me that I wouldn't really need to change all of the cables, would I? The cables may have a bit of extra slack. I also would plan to get longer stem mirrors (or possibly bar end mirrors). I guess that I would be able to simply move the controls from one bar to the other. Any other mods needed to acomplish this? Can anyone suggest a good source for low bars?
    Theo Marks

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    i swaped the high "american" bars (7" rise) on my 84 R100 to a set of low "euro" bars (1" rise) from a /5. i thought the same thing, but the way the bars pull back, the low bars (or at least mine) were quite a bit narrower. the extra slack in the cables was too much and i ended up switching all of them (top parts on the throttle and choke). find a good way to hide the front brake line, mine ran along the side of the headlight mount and looked bad...........

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    I, too, have recently switched high to low bars on my 77 RS. She had what I believe were K75 bars that had about 3-4 inches of rise and some "push back". I put on some stock original bars. I must say, they are WAY cool. I like the lower and narrower position much better. The previous owner had put the other bars on there. NOW, I am having trouble with cable routing like you guys. I adjusted the brakes so they wouldn't stop when turning the bar L. Now I am working on getting the throttle cables to act right. They aren't getting hung up under the tank, but I can't figure where to route them coming out of the grip. In the process of adjusting the cables and putting more slack, I screwed up my carb balance. I have a twinmax, but I am such a rookie that I can't get it perfect. I thought I had everything fixed, but after the old girl got warmed up, things started revving when they weren't supposed to. I guess I just have to keep playing with it.

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    BMW bars are not the same diameter as "oriental" bars, so you need to get Magura or BMW stuff. IBMWR classifieds will have some, if not now, soon.
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    22 mm vs 7/8", don't try jamming the controls on a 7/8" bar no matter how much they seem like they might go on, i tried this with a lot of grease and swearing and almost broke the castings ($$$)..............

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