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Thread: Arai XD3 or Shoei Hornet DS while riding an R1200RT

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    Arai XD3 or Shoei Hornet DS while riding an R1200RT

    Has anyone ridden an RT while wearing an Arai XD3 or Shoei Hornet DS? I would love to have a visor on my helmet, but am wondering what kind of wind or buffeting problems they might cause at higher speeds? I can't imagine around town would be a problem. Any feedback?

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    I have both the Arai Vector and XD3 helmets and depending on the weather alternate between the two.

    The XD3 is Excellent under 85mph, the visor works Great at blocking out the sun and the air flow vents push a lot of air into the helmet which is Great for Hot days compared to the Vector.


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    That will depend

    It will depend on how tall you are, how tall your seat is and which windshield you are using. Any could be a deciding factor. I ride my R1200RT with a XD and I found it OK, but I preferred a regular helmet. But that is just me, it may work perfect for you.
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    Well, I don't ride an RT, so not sure how relevant my input will be...

    Current ride is R1100S with the BMW factory tall screen, previous ride was an R1150R with an 18" Cee Bailey. Been riding with an Arai XD for six years now, and think the airflow is fine. No buffeting or other problems at "sane" speeds. LOL

    On my trip home from Louisville, KY with my newly acquired 11S three years ago, I rode in HEAVY wind/crosswind situations for 5 days. One day I detached the big visor and noted there was only a slight improvement in aerodynamics...the visor was back on the helmet the following day.

    I'm a bit sensitive to sunlight directly on my eyes, so chose this helmet to replace an Arai next helmet will be an XD3 since I'm perfectly happy with my XD.


    Good luck!

    PS. FYI, I"m 6'2" with a long torso, so sit up fairly high on my bikes...
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    I ride a GS with a small windshield & have the XD3. When riding through Montana & South Dakota in May with heavy crosswinds the only time there was a problem was when turning my head to look in the other lane and a gust of wind came just right, it would catch the visor and pull my head back. This happened twice, but I still like the visor for the afternoon sun and will keep it.

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    Thumbs up Just saw this in the Flea Market

    Arai XD helmet

    If anybody's looking for one.
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    I have been thinking about one of these also. have a GS and RT, and don't do the offroad stuff. Wish I could try one before I spent the cash. I too had concerns with wind buffeting at interstate speeds.

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    XD works for me

    I have a '04 R1150RT, with a Cee Bailey high windshield and a Rick Mayer seat, and I am 6'2". I bought my XD @ the Johnson City National and have used it for 2 years. This is an excellent full-coverage helmet for warm climates. I have no problems with the sun visor catching the airflow. If I ride a bike with a sport/no fairing, I use my old Arai Signet.

    Some folks mention that I look a bit like Darth Vader in the XD, but I figure a element of fear will get the attention of some of the cage drivers.
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