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Thread: How many 1985-1987 R80's are out there?

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    How many 1985-1987 R80's are out there?

    Curious. How many, mono-lever R80's are out there (not ST's or G/S's, just a good ole R80)?

    Here's mine (w/ my wife as pilot). It is a 1987 R80 (built 10/86), #6480996, w/ dealer set-up "S" fairing and bars. Post yours w/ the last 7 VIN digits. I'll update this first post w/ current owners of each bike.

    #6480996 sfaulkner68
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    what about the rt

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    Meet Brigitta

    1987 R80. Canadian model. Factory low bars and dual discs. Sweet as apple pie!


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    Great bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1992 R100 GS

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    13,815 monolever R80s produced.

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    Wonder how many have been converted one way or another? According to the dealer, my R80RT began as a R80. When I bought it in the late 90s, I knew the fairing had been repainted while the rest of the bike had the original paint.
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    Thumbs up '87 r80

    Well, sort of... Post-warranty the powerplant was bumped to a stock 1000cc. There's also a Koni shock on the back (I think i still have the tired stock one somewhere), working on its second seat, third alternator rotor... Staintune pipes... need to replace the collector box, and the headers are getting tired but holding. Swapped to "S" bars when new, bar-end mirrors for quite some time now... 145,000+ as of a recent return from the TN/NC/WV/VA mountains (just before Hurrican Sandy!)
    Tougher than the WV black bear I hit broadside at 50mph a couple years ago... never a twitch from the front end. Needed a headlight lens and a brake fluid reservoir (and I could use a couple new ligaments in my right AC joint...) but finished another 1600 miles on that trip after the hit.
    Never having had a windshield, hammering down the slab is a little wearying, but EVLTWN loves the mountain curves!
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    Here is my 86 R80, Euro spec. bought from Germany as I am stationed here. I am 3rd owner with documentation, can't read it for crap because of language barrier. I have been waiting 23 years to buy one since first laying eyes on an airhead at my 1st MSF class. the mileage is currently 104000 kilometers not miles. the fairing is BMW but not factory installed, the fairing was gray when i bought it, had to rattle can paint it to get it close. the black windshield was actually a mistake in translation, i thought i was getting a fairing not the winshield, i have the original windshield but this one looks cooler. the only thing i hare about the bike is the top trunk, it is too new for the look, trying to find a period correct trunk at a good price, if you know where besides ebay, let me know.
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    1985 r80

    Good place for my first post - 1985 R80 - 6480009 - owned since new - single disc - this was a display bike that did the Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal manufacturers bike show tour in January 1985 - I bought it in the fall of 1985 and took delivery the following spring - I love it and will never part with it as long as I can still ride - Cheers
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    Keep 'em coming guys! Anything with the .8 liter is a prince in my opinion. I have a 1983 R80RT. With the RT suffix I won't show you pictures per the rules of the original poster.
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