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Thread: Embarrassed to be a Member

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    A Smillies version of the rally -

    The new Rally friends

    Beer Tent

    What we hoped to do when the Flame cars came out

    My tent in the morning:

    The morning cup of

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    I had a pretty good time...

    So, it was hot. It's Summer, right? It just means more ice cream!

    The amount of work that is done to put on an event this size is really impressive. This was my first MOA rally. I thought it was cool. The volunteers, committees, and organizers deserve a lot of thanks.

    Why do people have to stereotype? I'm several years away from 50. Honestly, until people mentioned it in this thread, I never even considered the average age of the people there. I don't think that matters. We were all there for the love of the bikes and riding them.

    We all need to lighten up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post

    We don't remember the rallies, vacations or other adventures that went smoothly. We remember the ones where things went wrong or unusual things happened. The ordinary fades from our memory but the unusual stays with us. I don't remember some of our vacations but the one in 1974 when I dumped my 3 year old daughter from a canoe in the rapids in 30 degree weather is as clear as if it happened yesterday. She popped up out of the water and didn't even cry until she saw the panic on her mother's face.
    AMEN ! Just my $.02 but this was about my 5th MOA Rally and I had a great time. I do not camp so at the end of the day the AC room was nice. But it is July and I expected it to be hot. It was Hot in Lima and Hot in Vermont! We left on Saturday and to manage the heat we were riding by 5 AM .... got to Roanoke by 1:00 and checked into hotel for the night. That was a great riding. I am getting ready for Sedalia!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JavaD View Post
    A Smillies version of the rally -

    The new Rally friends

    Beer Tent

    What we hoped to do when the Flame cars came out

    My tent in the morning:

    The morning cup of
    Good observation!!
    2013 Goldwing

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    Tim Hecht


    i even ride an older bike, so i'm not up there with the olde-than-me set who are all doctors or retired miltary (or whatever- no judgement here) who have unlimited cash and ride all the brand new stuff with all the hottest gear on the market.
    BMWRider - I guess I could resent your comment regarding "retired military...unlimited cash" but your comment made me chuckle.

    The only "new" bike I ever bought was a 1998 R1200C. I still have it and just bought a 1977 R100S with RS fairing...

    One of these years I'll try to make a rally.

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    Good letter, nothing more to be said, move on, everybody has a common goal lets look foward to the next meet........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kmeister View Post
    I knew that the MOA was an "Old Mans Club" when I joined but I never imagined that I would be reading this much bitching and complaining after a national motorcycle event.
    BMWMOAners. You're one of us now!

    Quote Originally Posted by maacova View Post
    I don't think some of you fully comprehend the danger that was present at the Rally.

    Quote Originally Posted by r1100r View Post
    Maybe its b/c I don't belong to a local BMW MOA chapter, not that there are any conveniently near me, but I did not feel that welcome. Not sure what I was expecting, but as a younger member in my 30's I felt totatlly alone. I spent 2 days there and talked to maybe 4 people for a total of 30 mins! Mostly I walked around,bought things, took pictures of beautiful motorcycles, and ate some good food. It was nice to be surrounded by fellow BMW motorcycle owners but really they are older people, much older actually, that wouldn't even give me the time of day! They mostly sat in tents with their travel buddies and local chapter friends. So where was i to fit in?
    I am now 25 years old and I would rather punch myself in the face than join my local MOA club. Except one member, the others I've met are like characachures of your example(s). I do go to their annual rally, though, solely to meet up with the Airheads.

    Quote Originally Posted by r1100r View Post
    I don't have any BMW riding buddies locally, I drove there to meet some and drove all the way back to CT, 4 hours, without 1 name.

    I thought, was it me? I'm a pretty social person, versed in many things, and overall approachable.

    I have to say, I'm selling my BMW this weekend and buying a Triumph this weekend with the hopes of meeting people more my age and with a little more in common.

    Not sure what I was expecting, but I was honestly dissapointed. At least the 8 hours of driving was a fun learning experience.
    99.99% of the time I ride alone. The few local motorcycle friends I have, I've never even ridden with. I am not very out-going, but I enjoy friendly company when I find it.. When I don't, I am disappointed, too.

    At the MOA rally in Tennessee, I was able to spot in the crowd and meet a couple BMWMOA forum members who, in turn, introduced me to several advrider forum members.

    I didn't get this motorcycle to meet people, but whenever I do, it's nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by 40427 View Post
    stick out your hand and complement someone on their motorcycle.
    If that does not get you a bunch of new friends I don't know what will.

    Honestly have you ever met a rider that did not want to talk about their motorcycle??
    Yes. and BMWMOA chartered club members at that! They acted as if it was none of my business and that I was bothering them by saying hello. Perfect way to assure that I'll never join whatever club they're in.

    I have a friend who only wants to watch movies she's already seen. I get a similar feeling with many of the small groups of fellow motorcycling campers at the rallies I've been to. They only want to become friends with someone they're already friends with.

    Quote Originally Posted by maddog View Post
    even if you had showed up with a green mohawk.
    What kinda crazy.. drummer.. dude.. would show up to a MOA rally with a mohawk?! Hint: between Glaves and Manley..

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post
    ..............I am now 25 years old..................
    You will soon be part of the problem..... much sooner than you think.
    Kevin Huddy
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    You go V !!

    Couldn't take the "heat" huh Vance?

    To all that are following these various post mortum rally threads, in addition to doing the Closing Ceremony and being on the BOD, Vance worked 18 to 20 hour days for 8 days doing logistics (only a half day on the 9th day) AND Vance Harrelson made the decision to put out the sprinklers, the potable water hoses, and provide free water.

    I'm proud to know him, I'm proud to work with him, and I'm proud of the quality and effort he and every other Board of Director's member bring to this club. We also have an incredible paid staff at the MOA who never receive anywhere near the credit they deserve.

    If no one responds to a member post, it does not mean no one is paying attention or no one cares. Most key volunteers follow the comments posted here but it becomes a can of worms to respond. In most cases there are multiple facets to issues raised here and forums are an inappropriate venue to resolve major policy concerns and decisions.

    Rant off, this will be my only after rally post.

    Stan Herman
    2011 Logistics Chair (along with Vance)
    2010 National Rally Co-Chair
    2009 Go-Fer Co-Chair
    2008 Sanitation Chair (toilet plunger, trash guy)
    Live this day.

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    To Vance, the Rally Chairs, and ALL the volunteers who made this a GREAT Rally, in spite of all the obstacles!

    Embarrassed to be a member? Not hardly.

    Embarrassed by the behavior of a few at Closing Ceremony? Yeah, kind of.

    The booing of the flame cars was uncalled for, but understandable. But booing those who worked hard to put on an event and recognize those who participated, was totally inappropriate.

    Yeah, it was hot, and I think most people only wanted to hear the prize winners announced. Well, there were a LOT of prizes to be handed out, and it took a while to get thru them all. Thanks to ALL the sponsors who donated the HUGE number of excellent prizes.

    A lot of stuff was left off from previous closings, and there were many who were disappointed that their names or clubs were not announced.

    Remember also, that the MOA is more than just a Rally. The MOA Foundation does lots of good work, and the members raise a considerable amount of money for local charities wherever the Rally is held. This goes a long way to creating good will and positive PR, and SHOULD be recognized.

    All in all, the Rally was a bit smaller than anticipated, but HUGELY successful.
    Bob Smith
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post
    I have a friend who only wants to watch movies she's already seen. I get a similar feeling with many of the small groups of fellow motorcycling campers at the rallies I've been to. They only want to become friends with someone they're already friends with.
    or, they are actually shy. it's important not to overlook that possibility.

    on the last night of the Gypsy Tour i went over to the campground and one of my long-term friends was there, camped in the woods, sort of away from everyone else. He was with another friend. Turns out that he's very outgoing here on the forum, but very reserved in the real world.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    I'm 31, and I felt like I was really young at the rally. However, I met some amazing people - some old and tired and some young.

    This was my first rally and I think I will remember for a long time sitting outside the beer tent with 8 other people chatting about worldly adventures, politics, the men with rifles that came by to get beer and everything in between. I hope I have another opportunity to chat with them in the future - and that may be at the next rally.

    I also got to meet some that I was afraid I would: loud mouthed, elitist pricks that thought they were better than others simply because they have a BMW.

    I left on Saturday before the closing ceremonies... but reading about scores of people booing turns me off the MOA... same goes for the way some members treated me and the other volunteers working registration.

    There's some wonderful people in the MOA, no doubt about it. I'd say even the majority are fundamentally good - but the bad ones really destroy the desire to continue a membership and keep the MOA going.


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    Central Coast, California

    Next year have the rally on the central coast of California....temperature never goes above or below perfect. Problem solved!

    I'll be the first to submit my vote: Rally 2012 in Grover Beach, California!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awonderfulworld View Post
    I left on Saturday before the closing ceremonies... but reading about scores of people booing turns me off the MOA... same goes for the way some members treated me and the other volunteers working registration.
    I haven't kept up on whatever happened at this years closing ceremonies, but I have witnessed the same thing before. If I'm able to make it to the next national, I will try to find a megaphone and point it at selfish loud-mouth people and tell them to shut the **** up (automatically censored by the forum, though).

    Constructive criticism in action.

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    GS Giant perspective:)

    Rode long and FAR to get to PA this year. Baja, Grand canyon, Rio Grande, Texas Coast to Black Water swamps of Louisiana and Misissippii, to Florida and then N.Towards PA via the Ohio River Valley, WVa. and so on. HOT, most of it riding everywhere across the USA. Enjoyed every minute, including trashing my GSA1200 in the GS Gypsy Tour and Rally GS Track, like most of us crazies on GS's! Not really trashing it, rode her home in 114 degree KANSAS heat one day, crossing my wonderful USA. I would never have missed it and nearly had to, for family concerns but still got there, heat and all. My 30 days away, 25 of 'em above 100. At 58, I'm blessed to be able to know how to deal with this still and love my rides to see such a neat extended family. IF it rained and we all froze, we'd still hear complaints of the same variety, so be it. Ya'll be good and come back, ya hear. I'll be there, no matter as its only an annual event, not so frequent that we grow too old and wonder why we missed the fun. Thanks all that worked so hard, as normal in this family and Happy Trails to all my newfound GS Giant buddies/gals. We sure didn't let any moss grow in our wake this year. Randy"Polarbear"Owens13233

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