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Thread: Embarrassed to be a Member

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    FLBMW Rally is a blast. Ride the track on saturday for 20 bucks, dance until your toes at night. Sunday visit Ithaca and the farmer market and a winery or two on the way back for sunday dinner and more dancing. It is a HOOT! We just got our lights turned back on and heading out first thing in the morning.
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    Back to the meat of this post

    Quote Originally Posted by Kmeister View Post
    I wasn't gonna say anything but I cant resist: I am embarrassed to be a member of this club.
    I knew that the MOA was an "Old Mans Club" when I joined but I never imagined that I would be reading this much bitching and complaining after a national motorcycle event. Maybe the next rally should be at some kind of Health Clinic or Hospital where we can all have our own air conditioned rooms with a host of nurses ready to attend to our every discomfort.
    Sure it was hot, but as a "biker" you should expect that from time to time .... along with the possibility of cold, rain, wind .... and some other stuff Nature has to offer.
    I feel SO badly for anyone that put effort into the rally - and there was alot of effort. I personally didn't lift a fingar but I think those who did did a great job and put on a good rally. Thank you.
    With that said, its time for me to get out and ride (after I check the thermostat
    I think there's a great point and a not so great point here. Not so great: I don't care if your fat, skinny, old, or young. Heat is dangerous, so is cold, rain and what ever else. This club isn't about seeing who can pee the furthest. Great point: The people that put this stuff together are volunteers. They don't have to do any of this, they're not getting paid and they're busting their butts for our benefit. I'm new to this club but I'm sooo grateful for it because I can't think of many other places where there is so much opportunity to enjoy your bike, meet like minded people, or share the great things we discover on our bikes. SO complain all you want, but remember you are lucky to have something to complain about. And from what I can tell, the volunteers are listening, they'll work to make it better next year, and when your frustrated about how things are going, stop, take a step back and look around at the people you get to spend this time with. Things could be worse.

    I look forward to meeting you all at future events and rallies and wish you safe riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 61971 View Post
    I'm trying to convince myself to go to the Finger Lakes rally this weekend and have even taken the day off on Friday to go. But I'm nervous about going *because* I was so tongue-tied at the national rally (and the weather forecast isn't encouraging).
    the answer to this is simple.... drink more.

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