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Thread: Final Attendance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holly View Post

    US: 5809
    Canada: 629
    Mexico: 8
    Australia: 3
    Belgium: 3
    UK: 2
    China: 1
    Germany: 1
    India: 1
    Israel: 1
    Norway: 1
    Pakistan: 1
    S. Korea: 1
    Sweden: 1
    There were two tour companies from New Zealand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PattiB View Post
    We stayed at the dorms and that was a real great set up! I am just glad I booked my spot back in March. It was cheap and cool!

    I just wonder how neat it would be if you could bed down at a college campus while on a road trip? It would be cheaper than a motel and in the summer it is not crowded and most colleges are in nice towns and have amenities and a friendly staff. As a women traveling alone I think it would offer some safety not found off the interstates.

    Has anyone from the MOA ever tried to stay at a college while traveling that wasn't part of an event?
    I have had no luck finding college or university accommodation in the US but I frequently use Canadian colleges and universities residence rooms when travelling in Canada. Check out

    Costs seem to vary between $30 - $40, the latter including a cafeteria meal.
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