You gotta be. I've been there to the HD Rally(same park) with sooooo many more bikers camping too and all there than we could ever imagine having at the BMW Event. I happen to know it works just fine, regarding space requirements. Motels are in abundance to, overflowing with'em all within a 20 mile radius, more rooms than most rallies we've had recent years and then some. These two ideas are not valid anymore for this location...There may be some other issues, but indeed not these anymore! The HD July4th event went on for a lot of years and the City of Hollister had a falling out with the HD crowd, as I hear it? It was a huge biker event, including the fairgrounds as the HQ site. Insurance and a piece of the pie$$$ came into effect, regarding City Fees, ran the HD Event out of town...Sad! So many HD'ers still show up there every year, as an impromtu get together, unorganized. I know the area well, as you too from SCruz I think probably do. Its changed so much in recxent years in growth and all for tourism, etc., that your data is not current anymore, as I see it. It still may be a sour grape spot, but one worth seeing into again. I hope its not lost from the selection process, quite as yet anyhow. At 59 and 50 year biker, I've been around to long to not know a great place in the making when I see one and you too apparently saw the same, my friend. I'll gladly work on it more IF I see interest in Cal again....Later, Randy