I waited two days but cannot wait much longer. Here goes‘«™ the closing ceremony was sad and, for me, embarrassing. I am a member for over 20 years and always thought that I am a member of a class act. After all, we ride ‘«£that‘«ō bike and not ‘«£that‘«ō bike. There is a bit of snobbery (justified in my opinion, till last rally) in belonging to this group. Then came the closing ceremony‘«™

The flame throwing cars were a combination of a NASCAR event / Monster car bash / and ‘«£that brand‘«ō rally. Very bad and very sad. But it gets worse. When the crowd boooed their displeasure and physical discomfort, we were told that we already paid for it ‘«Ű and it continued. Our leaders forgot that they are chosen and have to do as we desire. But‘«™ enough was written on that aspect. The worse part of the closing ceremony were us. Yes, us, the elite.

Each tiny pause in the mc narrative was greeted with enthusiastic applause. I estimate that the crowd was applauding every 20-30 seconds. But it still gets worse. The lowest point was when the females amongst us (and some, well‘«™ men) were screaming. Now, mind you, it was not shouting. It was not applauding. It was a screechy scream worthy of hysterical dim witted teenager at a rock concert, and it went on and on and on and on till I had to leave and find some quiet and intelligent company with my r1200gs.

Reading most of the other postings, I realize that I am in a tiny minority ‘«Ű so be it. Most posts are like listening to callers to a talk show. Most call to express their admiration for the host and to declare to all the listening world how much they agree with him and how great he is, but what is the point? Wasn‘«÷t there enough self congratulating in this rally itself?.

Dear vendors, I love you, I really do. I just bought two helmets and a windshield from Revzilla and a big tank bag from Twisted Throttle. Had a great service at Bob‘«÷s when I visited the East coast etc. I also appreciate your gifts to us, but gifts should be just that, ‘«£gifts‘«ō. You remind me of the obnoxious uncle that gave you a picture for your wedding ‘«Ű provided you hang it in the living room. If you think that giving a free product to a lucky winner gives you any right whatsoever, especially the right to hold us as captive audience in the most uncomfortable conditions ‘«Ű you are right. You are right but only with a subdued and docile audience like our membership. People that will be blasted by 60 feet flames on a 100 degrees days and stay to get more. Most other groups that I am familiar with would have left you alone with your flames.

OK. I feel better now.

BTW. When I asked some of my dear BMW riding friends that were with me in the rally for their opinion, the answer, in different forms, was‘«™ ‘«£What? You stayed for the closing ceremony?‘«ō

Capt. Doron Grudo
Master Mariner (Ret)
Tulsa, OK