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Thread: Beaded seat cushion?

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    I have both the sheepskin and beads. In the heat the beads win. In the cooler months I lean towards the skin, but not by much.

    For my larger than average arse, an aftermarket seat was far superior than any aftermarket fix on a standard BMW seat.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bezdelnik View Post
    I have looked at several options and wondered. Beads vs Sheepskin vs Air Hawk. Wondering how they compare. Any experiences out there?
    You have to try for yourself. I preferred airhawk, sheep, and beads in that order, but really didn't like any of them. My fix was Russell.
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    I heard that Airhawks were at one point being stolen from parked bikes, I don't know if
    this is still the case?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    You have to try for yourself. I preferred airhawk, sheep, and beads in that order, but really didn't like any of them. My fix was Russell.
    Same here, after much $$$ spent on the Airhawk, Beads, and Sheepskin, I bought a Russell and never looked back.
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    Beaded seat

    Quote Originally Posted by smartin108 View Post
    Thanks for all the great feedback. Does anyone know if the ceramic beads are less slick than the wood ones?
    I originally purchased the wood Bead Rider several years back and have been very happy with it. However, the paint rubbed off and I didn't trust spray painting it as I thought the paint may rub off onto my riding gear, so I bought the ceramic Bead Rider at Bloomsberg last month. I don't think there is much (or any) difference between the two models as far as slipperiness. The ceramic one feels a bit softer on the butt (I think because of a minor difference in shape), will look better in the long run, and doesn't absorb water like the wood one does after the paint wears off. However, the ceramic heats up a lot more if you leave your bike parked in the sun for any length of time. It takes about five or ten minutes before it cools down. I usually just leave my jacket covering the seat if I can't park in the shade.
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    Have been using and enjoying my Bead Rider for several years now. In the heat it gives good air flow, when the temp drops simply put a Sheep skin on top and i am good to go.

    I loaned a small Bead Rider ( actually the one my wife uses) to a friend to try this year on his trip to the national rally. He say's he will give it back after his next social security check comes and he can buy his own.

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    I;ve had a Beadseat on my R1150R for about three years. Its seen a lot of weather and the paints worn, But I don't care what it looks like. I never take it off. For me its great. YMMV
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