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Thread: Camera(s) on Big Mac platten

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    Camera(s) on Big Mac platten

    Looks like one hole in the proper location and either mount a camera straight to it (w/rubber gasket ) or use a tripod head (below, still just one hole) so you could aim it. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this. Concerned about movement, vibration, from hinges on platten.
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    I use a RAM Mount from CYcleGadgets to mount mine to my handlebars.

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    Boofer... it doesn't look too bad because it is squat, and not too long/tall. I use a number of mounts and more vibes are introduced with longer arms.

    That said, one of my mounts is the Ultra Mount found at Aerostich. It does vibe some because of all the balls/hinges. But it is also tall.

    Net, this mount has the advantage of shortness, and flexibility, but the flexibility will or might offer slightly less stability.

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    Try the Manfrotto Superclamp. It costs about $30 and can clamp onto handlebars, luggage racks, windshields etc.

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