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Thread: Good Gear Ideas

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    Good Gear Ideas

    I thought a thread on good gear ideas, such as appear in the MOA magazine could be useful.

    A couple of friends have commented on something I've been doing for a while. Go to the dollar store and get the small pouches they sell as pencil cases. They're great for organizing small items and far cheaper than the purpose-made items sold in the accessory catalogues. They're handy in a tank bag, saddlebag, or even a cargo pocket.

    A couple I keep on hand all the time:

    The smaller ones make a great face shield cleaning kit. Add a dollar store microfibre cloth and your favourite cleaning solution and you're good to go. I also keep a cable gun lock handy, it makes a great helmet lock.

    The larger sizes are just right to make a durable map case. Good protection and with this one, the neoprene construction is water resistant.

    Any home-brewed gear ideas you'd like to share?

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    Dave. Something simple-not my idea but I like it. From you morning cereal box-the inner bag is some sort of a waxy plastic kind of material. It will hold things like a spare drive chain or other messy parts real well. I don't know what it's made of but it really lasts and you can see what's in the bag. Gary
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