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Thread: The Lorem Ipsum Vintage Rally.

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    The Lorem Ipsum Vintage Rally.

    So, I prepped the R50, and changed the oil and strapped my rain liners on the back seat, and attached the tank bag (Thank you again L.A.W). I got up around 6:50 am Saturday morning, and went downstairs and let some of the extra oil I added out, so it was below the maximum mark, then I took a shower.
    I suited up and left the house about 7:45 am, having to bump start the R50 as I, in a mind to give myself exercise, flooded it. And we are off!
    It's a 160 mile trip on a 1955 BMW, what could go wrong?

    The plan was to take Hwy 18, which meanders very close to my house, and through a series of towns until I reach Madison, WI, our Capitol, where Walkers are not welcome. Hwy 18 is 2 lane until 20 miles outside Madison and it becomes 4 lane. It's scenic by me, but farm country and the greenery is deemed not picture worthy by me today until I get past Madison. In Madison, Hwy 18 enters the beltway and pickup Hwy 14 which loops around Madison and exits West. I will be taking Hwy 14 through Spring Green, WI. It is the location of Taliesin, Frank Loyd Wright's School and one of his homes. Around 20 miles after, it, the town of Richland Center, where I stop and take a few of my Summer setup.

    In Richland Center, (Amish Country), I will take Hwy 80 North a few miles, to Hwy 56 which is 31 miles to the Town of Viroqua,
    I get on Hwy 56, and have 31 miles of this:
    (for Jock, who likes scenery)

    It was a great ride, and as I pulled into Viroqua, I spotted a K-bike trying to turn left and I saw the sign for the rally, and signaled. He waved at me and I turned right, and another quick right onto Walnut st and we were there!
    The rider was C squared, an ADVrider, and we parked together enjoying the contrast in ages and machinery.

    Next, I hang at the rally.
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