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Thread: Future Rally Plans

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    Future Rally Plans

    I have attended four rallies, with the resulting weather:

    Lima, OH - hot and one violent thunderstorm
    Burlington, VT - cool, but one day of rain
    Johnson City, TN - hot
    Bloomsburg, PA - hot

    In July, in most places in the US, it is going to be hot. It is mid summer and it is supposed to be hot. Tourists flock to the beaches here in NC in July and August and don't seem to complain about the heat. Most of them spend very little time in the water, preferring to bake themselves on the beach.

    If the comments about the AARP are aimed at BMWMOA members who are older than 65, I think you are speaking to the wrong crowd.

    I am 67 and I am not an AARP member and do not intend to become one. I am still gainfully employed. I don't drive a Buick, Mercury Marquis or a Lincoln Town Car(preferred AARP automobiles). I drive a twin turbo BMW 535 xit and I ride a BMW motorcycle.

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    lets face it, this is all Al Gore's fault. before he invented the internet, we didn't have to see all the adults whine...

    The Rally is great, if you dont want to go, stay home. If you can find a better location, get on that commitee please. I have never been to a rally with free water. NEVER.

    I cant wait to get to MO. Should be fun! remember the less people that come, the more chance i have to win the bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 88880 View Post
    lets face it, this is all Al Gore's fault. .
    I thought he predicted global warming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    Finding a facility with air conditioned facilities on a level field that can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time is difficult if not impossible. Even if you find a facility, what about the riding and other desirable things in the area. Good riding isn't in flat country. Hot summers is more an issue of elevation than whether it is in the North or South.
    I'm a big proponent of the July date, however it is the MOA's responsibility to have the inside vending area's and seminar area's with proper A/C. There are large portable commercial units that can be rented. These are not cheap and if the rally fee has to go up a few bucks to cover the cost so be it. If people have a place to escape the heat for a few hours I think you would have far less complaints. I hope someone near next years rally site has the time to check out the fairgrounds and can observe how well their AC units work when it's hot out.
    I also hope if there was a final payment due to the fairgrounds at Bloomsburg that it would be with held due to the lack of cooperation with the MOA. I arrived on Sunday and I saw first hand that there were promises made that were not going to be kept. The more experience volunteers picked up on this right away and did all they could to try solve these.
    I have no idea how the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds handle 100k in attendance for 10 days during their fair. It really must be a nightmare behind the scenes!

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