I have attended four rallies, with the resulting weather:

Lima, OH - hot and one violent thunderstorm
Burlington, VT - cool, but one day of rain
Johnson City, TN - hot
Bloomsburg, PA - hot

In July, in most places in the US, it is going to be hot. It is mid summer and it is supposed to be hot. Tourists flock to the beaches here in NC in July and August and don't seem to complain about the heat. Most of them spend very little time in the water, preferring to bake themselves on the beach.

If the comments about the AARP are aimed at BMWMOA members who are older than 65, I think you are speaking to the wrong crowd.

I am 67 and I am not an AARP member and do not intend to become one. I am still gainfully employed. I don't drive a Buick, Mercury Marquis or a Lincoln Town Car(preferred AARP automobiles). I drive a twin turbo BMW 535 xit and I ride a BMW motorcycle.