The plan is to attend some of the festivities in Indy again this year. If you have not been Motorcycle parking is in the infield where the Indy Museum is located. General admission will be available at the gate and the infield is teaming with activity. Honda, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Ducati, HD and BMW all had tents last year. Ducati has a phenomenal setup at the GP. The garage area is turned into a vendor village and umbrella girls abound. The Service Pavillion is there with Arai. Sidi, Scorpion, AGV, Dainese, Shoei, Revit and many others are there to sale their stuff. I am leaving out a lot of vendors. The infield reminds me of the Intl Motorcycle Shows held over the winter with one difference. The only vendor there pushing cruiser stuff is HD at their tent. The vendors are there for the sport crowd. Great time to get fitted for a helmet or boots.

The crowds are not overwhelming as it is mainly bike folks and the traffic in and out is easy. Saturday is pole day and tickets are cheap if you just want to catch some beer, vendors and a little 180mph bike action. As mentioned tickets are at the gate or you could go to Indianapolis Speedway website for other options. I do not work for or have anything to do with this event but I recommend it highly. You will feel right at home on your BMW or other bike. This is one of the few events outside of a BMW rally where HD does bot dominate the scene. It is a nice change of pace.

We live three hours or so away and find turning it round trip with time for the race and other activity no big deal. Like I said, traffic is nothing for this event. Falcone BMW/Triumph is very close to the speedway and they will have some sort of event happening there to be sure. In the past the guys from RPW show up at Falcone with the all the Marsee and Helen Two Wheels stuff.

I have done all I can as a goodwill ambassador for this event. I hope to see some of you there that weekend. Look for the Polar Metallic RT and the guy on it who over married and that will be me.