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Thread: Rode with my family in Texas....

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    Rode with my family in Texas....

    ....accept it wasn't on my bike. Took my family to Boerne to visit my parents last wednesday. My sis also flew in from Seattle. My dad just got a 2005 Goldwing and also has a rebel 250 which none of us really wanted to ride, so we went down to the Harley dealer in Boerne and rented a dyna low ride for my sis (who has very short legs) and a road king for me. We took off from Boerne and headed to Lukenbach, from there it was on towards Medina, then eventually over to Bandera, where my parents used to live. We rode out to lake medina/wharton's dock (that road is getting really bad), back to town, and then back to Boerne. All told about 170 miles, almost a full tank on the road king. I got to ride my dad's Wing on the last leg and that was a blast, that motor is turbine smooth, was kinda hard for me to ride because he was still breaking it in and it was so much more quiet than the Hog I'd been on all day. I really had to keep an eye on the tach to keep it under three grand.

    I was kinda bummed afterwards. It was alot of fun, but we rode to places we'd been so many times as kids. Kinda nestalgic, but I wanted to ride some roads I hadn't been on. This has made me rethink going to the Hill Country Rally next year with my K bike, now I'm leaning towards attending the Red Rock Rendezvous instead, mainly because I've never been to Utah and from what I understand the scenery is breathtaking. Oh well, I have a long time to decide.

    One thing I did take away from my experience was a new respect for Harleys. The road king was a blast on the back country roads, lots of torque and that great exhaust, but I wouldn't have one as a primary bike. In Kerrville we rode through downtown stoplight to stoplight and the vibration and heat at idle was terrible....but if you kept the thing moving it was very happy. Even had electronic cruise for the ride back to the dealer on I-10. If I'm ever fortunate enought to make serious money in my future career, I think it would make a great second bike for weekend blasts in the country. And the Goldwing was also impressive, mainly because it made me realize that later in life a full dress tourer is probably what I will want for doing the long haul riding I want to do. And from what I understand, BMW makes some of the best tourers around.


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    that's a great area and those are great roads. it's good to come home.

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