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Thread: Rally was great!

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    Rally was great!

    Please post what you liked about the rally so we can continue to build on your positive feedback!

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    I didn't get stopped by the local LEOs' All kidding aside it was a very good Rally and the volunteers under the conditions they had to endure...well..

    Last year while walking around at the Oregon Rally, I stopped Mark Austin, the recently appointed Rally Chair, and advised him of two concerns based on my Pa. native experience (1) the hot,humid and hazy conditions and (2) the Entrance and Exit to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds being so close to Rt 11 and Rt 42 intersections. Obviously the first concern occurred and the organizers adjusted too..but the second concern..well I far..there where no accidents..though I did not see any warnings or road cautions..

    Again a very good Rally and I spent more on goodies then I should have..

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    Someone said to me yesterday, "The rally is what you make of it." and I learned that is very true. This is the first year I really got involved and we had a blast. I can't wait to go it again. I kow what goes in to organizing such an event and kudos to all the committee chairs for stepping up to the huge task.

    Nothing could be done about the weather but the fact that volunteers were passing out bottled water to those in need was a big plus. I was also happy to see that the food vendors were not price gouging.

    I only have one negative and I'll share that on the other thread.

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    The only rally I've attended was Johnson City. What I liked about this PA rally, and almost enticed me, was the good touristing opportunities. The Gettysburg trip, railroad, and other stuff around there made it look like it would be terrific.


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    I had a great time in spite of the almost unbearable heat. I arrived early and did two stints as a vollunteer which contributed to my good feelings about this rally.

    The organizers and vollunteers deserve a great round of applause. This was my 7th national and I have to say it seemed to be among the best organized. They were proactive to the heat concerns by having water jugs readily available as well as handing out free bottles of water. As mentioned in the above posts, the food vendors were reasonable and did not gouge us with $3.50 bottles of water, keeping it to an agreeable 1 dollar, a price that was fair to all. I tried to thank as many of the food vendors as possible for doing that. I had reply comments that our crowd was the friendliest that have experienced. Just shows that it goes both ways and you get back what you give.

    The entertainment was awesome, particuarly Hymm for Her and my favorite The Paul Thorn Band, but why was he scheduled opposite of the BMW event? Paul's band is a national touring act with awesome original music that is crtically acclaimed. It was a disservice to have to choose between the two events. Even Paul seemed annoyed with this and made some comments of his own.

    A big thanks to all of the Rally Chairs!

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    We thoroughly enjoyed the rally. For us, it's a chance to spend a few days with friends, check out the farkles other riders have added to 'our' bikes and maybe chat with them about it, check out the vendors and enjoy a new locale. What did I like about this year's rally?? Let's see...

    - There were lots of food vendors this year, with short lines (if any) and a variety of things to eat, all at reasonable prices. And local treats to be enjoyed - fresh, made on the spot ice cream, Pennsylvania Dutch baked goods, hickory syrup etc.

    - Bloomsburg itself was within walking distance, and the locals were happy to have us visit

    - The shower trailers weren't lined up! I was able to walk right in all three mornings!

    - The heat gave us a chance to act like KIDS again! I saw several kiddie pools set up with people cooling off in them (and one shooting people with a water blaster as they went by), people using squirt guns to cool off, people of all ages walking through or standing in the sprinklers, enjoying simple pleasures

    - The music was GREAT, and the sound system was really good too!

    - Beer was cold and plentiful, ice and water easily had

    - The rally goers, though sticky and uncomfortable in the heat, were good natured about it and enjoyed the rally anyway!

    - The Club and its volunteers stepped up and did everything they could to keep us all hydrated and safe. THANK YOU!!

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    This rally had the best assortment and organization of food vendors of any of the five rallies I've attended. It was especially nice because of the heat - it was really easy to find some appealing food and eat on site, rather than get geared up and ride somewhere. Rather than being scattered throughout the rally they were nicely located and easy to find. Congrats for doing a great job with the food!

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    The best part of the rally....meeting old friends again....good grub....cold beer....good music....lots of rain!
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    1. The riding opportunities. I did 300 miles one day, and 150 another in the Endless Hills region. Fabulous roads to the north, accompanied by cooler temps than those at the Fairgrounds.

    2. Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. They only performed on Thursday @ 1030pm. But, damn, they were awfully good! (And this from someone who usually is in bed by 10pm.) Great find!

    3. The BU apartment dorms. Excellent value. Nice to have a place to retreat to from the heat. And the special MOA Rally dorm access cards were a nice surprise. Keeping mine as a memento.

    4. Arranging to have Monty's dining facility near the dorms available for breakfast & dinner. The dinner offerings were especially tasty .... and filling. (Burp!)

    5. Making free bottled water available once the heat really kicked in. Smart executive decision. (Hope the vendors understood.)
    "One day you're a kid sitting on a bike, dreaming the road; next thing you know, your social life consists of drinking microbrews with middle-aged roosters who ride BMWs and wear Aerostitch suits."

    - Joe Glydon

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    Thank You, My Deer

    I would like to personally thank the deer populations of Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut for maintaining such a low profile during the week of the rally. I did not see a one the whole time, and I hope that is true for others as well.

    I also thought the rally was great. The riding in that part of PA is beautiful, with lots of twisty, well-paved, scenic roads. If you made it to the Grand Canyon and/or the Forksville General Store, then you know what I mean.

    There were lots of interesting people riding very cool BMWs and most were hell bent on having a good time. Although a national rally has all sorts of things going on, in the end it's all about the people and the motorcycles. I particularly enjoyed the vintage display, and watching the folks who rode the GS course on Friday afternoon.

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    The best part of the Rally

    # 1 The MOA members:
    I enjoyed meeting each and ever person at the rally and I learned something each time.
    # 2 Coffee:
    Great coffee for such a large group. Job well done to the coffee crew.
    # 3 Vendors:
    I spent alot of time riding and not much time with the vendor. The time I did talk to any of them was time well spent. The tire people were doing repair work right up to the last minute after all others were closing.
    # 4 Hot Food Vendors:
    They were great. It was so hot that mostly all that I ate was hoagies from Steph's. All was great. I did not talk to anyone that was disappointed by the on site food vendors. That was a job well done Faust.
    # 5 Cold food Vendors:
    It is very hard to arrange such things on a short notice in the area. Some thing like this would need to be built up over time. I was surprised at the number that did show. Again Job well done.
    # 6 Close to town:
    You could walk to take the bus. Love the bus ride I took. Great short stories.
    # 7 Learning:
    I walked away feeling smarter. I did not take any classes or semiars, just talking and watching other riders. No telling how much I would learn from classes or semiars.
    # 8 Sleep:
    My childern (29 & 27) could no beleive how much snoring there was at 22:00.
    # 9 Riding:
    Riding with Flat Landers. What I take for granted they were in awe of. I am lucky to live here.
    # 10 No motocycles
    I did not see one motorcycle on the best roads north of the rally. It was great riding and not a motocycle in site.
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    We're here for a good time HUEY LEWIS

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    It was really a great opportunity to meet many Chromehead members (R1200C's and CL's) from around the country, and to finally put faces to the names as well as MOA members from this site. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. Pretty cool meeting the owners of Revzilla and Olympia, who I've only seen in YouTube videos up until know. (You know...Hi I'm Anthony from Revzilla! He looks taller in the videos, but what a nice and informative guy.) Fantastic road assortment including Route 339 (a new fave) and Routes 414 and 287 up to the Grand Canyon. North seemed to afford cooler temperatures and more scenery, including a stop to Tioga Hammond Lakes for a cooling swim. This weekend lets me know for sure, I have to get back up this way and explore some more.

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    The Farmer's Market...

    I loved the food vendor stands. What an assortment. The Farmer's Market was a great plus. Local produce, in season. If the Amish baker had only made "single servings" available all would have been perfect.

    Beer delivery! (From an off site, but nearby store).

    The around the rally shuttle a great way to see everything without getting worn out.

    And of course the people.

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    Joining the Airheads and discovering that my 12 year old appears to be an Airhead and training!!

    Seeing past complaints about lack of food choices and quantity resolved in spades.

    BU apartments and Monty's for food.

    Watching George at the the Airhead tent (never got his last name) spend a day and a half of his rally in the heat helping a fellow airhead try to sort out a plug fouling issue that cropped up on the ride to the rally. THAT is what being part of the MOA and the rally is all about. That man is a saint!
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    My Favourite Part

    All of it!!
    I'm always looking for a riding destination, and where better than to a place where thousands of other people understand your crazy hobby?! So not only did I get to attend a great event, I got to ride there and back!! Paradise.
    This was my first rally. Won't be my last.
    Not quite sure what all the complaining and rage toward the MOA is all about, but that's a different thread.

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