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Thread: R.I.P. Dick Fish

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    R.I.P. Dick Fish

    On reliable authority, I regret to inform this Forum of the death of Dick Fish, renowned LD rider and record holder in the Iron Butt community.

    I am told that Dick was killed in a motorcycle accident in Montana last night, the accident involving [some] cars and Dick's bike. Details will unfold quickly, I presume.

    Dick was well known in the Iron Butt Association and LD riding community. He was an Iron Butt Rally contestant several times, and held the world record for riding from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, at the tip of South America.


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    A bit Grumpy at times but great conversation

    Had the opportunity to meet this fellow, it was a pleasure to be sure. Easy to feel small in his presence, great to hear his tales, a terrific ambassador for motorcycling. He'll be missed.

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    We have lost one of the great ones.

    RIP Dick!
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    Never a good thing to see. I did not know but hate seeing this type of thing.
    Very little published so far

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    My heart is breaking for this amazing rider.

    Hugs to his family.

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    It took very little checking to find info on his many and varied contributions, records and reputation. Certainly a unique and talented rider and one who will be missed by many.
    Condolences to his family.

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    it can happen to the very best of them.

    so sorry to hear of this, and the very best wishes for Dick's family.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    One of the Very Best Long Distance M/C Riders; Dick Fish will be missed by many!!!

    Godspeed and Rest in Peace, Dick. Ride the Roads of Heaven Forever, Don S.

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    Farwell Dick…..RIP

    Rumor has it…..

    What the Sheriff's Office told GB&U staff was that Dick in Glacier NP, was following two cars. Apparently, there was a fair amount of park traffic in both lanes. With no warning, the lead car decides (as it is passing a turn-out/small parking lot) to slam on the brakes trying to pull into the turn-out.

    The second car slams on it's brakes to avoid hitting the lead car.

    Dick tried to brake/swerve to avoid the cars, but clipped the rear fender of the second vehicle at a very slow speed, getting tossed off the bike and landing in the oncoming lane, where oncoming traffic struck him.

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    I never had the pleasure of meeting Dick but have read much. The motorcycle comunity has lost a great one. Godspeed and ride the heavens safetly.

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    Sad to hear!........He will be missed by many!
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    So Sorry to hear about Dick Fish.

    I hope I am still riding at 70yr old....RIP

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    Montauk Canuck

    Dick was an inspiration

    My three sons and I rode the Ushuaia to Prudoe Bay trip in 2007. We had planned the trip for a couple of years with the goal of seeing if we could ride it faster than did Kevin & Julia Saunders who were in the Guinness book for the ride. In the mean time Dick rode his amazing world record pace for the trip. We were not in the same class as the amazing Dick Fish and we tipped our hats to his remarkable abilities. I wrote Dick and told him of our plans and he made a point of coming to the Canadian/US border to meet us and ride with us to Red Deer while we were on our venture. Dick and I shared a beer at the Capri Hotel in Red Deer where he passed on some pointers for riding the Dalton Highway. He was a great man with a great heart. I think of him fondly. This is tragic news.

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