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Thread: Green light triggers

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    I use ...

    I use the magnets out of bad computer hard drives. If you have an old hard drive lying around just disassemble it. There are 2 very strong magnet inside the drive, take them out but leave the metal plate on the magnet. Some need part of the mounting bracket cut off. Then I just stick it on the bike in an low area that is flat. I have one on my Honda it has been there for 15,000 miles and my \6 for 15,000 ( I have had it running less than a year)
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    Quote Originally Posted by old Paul
    Just don't run over a rich guy, or you'll ruin his Rolex.
    You might kill HIM, but you won't ruin the Rolex. That's why Navy divers, UDT/SEALS were all issued Submariners back when I was on active duty. Just couldn't kill the damn things.


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