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Thread: Info on dorm rooms

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    Info on dorm rooms

    I know we are supposed to call UC for info about dorm rooms, but it would be nice to see it here.

    For instance, I called June 4 and heard that the rooms have 2 beds and cost $180 for the four days. You have to take a room for 4 days, whether you use all the days or not.

    Two dorms will be used. Brotherton Hall, which is newest and also looks farthest from parking, will be used first, and if it fills, then Cobb Hall, which is adjacent to some parking, will be used next. I think I heard that two rooms share a bath and bring your own sheets but am not sure.

    Anyway, it would be nice to have something official on the forum.

    UC's number is 304-357-4807 and I was referred to Renalda.
    <> has an aerial photo with legend.
    <> has a map with legend and shows parking better.

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    U of C dorms

    Once again let me stress that the BMW MOA has NOTHING to do with the dorm rental pricing or requirements.

    The University of Charleston has set the pricing and conditions of the dorms, NOT the MOA or the Almost Heaven Rally team.

    There are options available in a number of nearby motels located on Mac Corkle Ave, listed under the Chareslton area lodging listing of the web pages. Less expensive, private bath, TV and some have a pool. If you call any one of these local motels, make sure you ask how far from the U of C they are located. Mac Corkle Ave is a long road running through several townships. If you have an overwhelming desire to re-live your college experience then you must contact the U of C directly to arrange a dorm room. I will say there are parking lots associated with either dorm that are merely steps away from the dorms.

    For the sake of reference, past Rally dorm rooms have been in the $18-21 range per night.
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    Thumbs up dorm room info.

    Just spoke to Valerie Oyler, Catering Director for the Univ. and in charge of the dorm room rentals. I rented a single room for four nights (only option) for $90.00 total, that's $22.50 per night for you airheads out there. Included is bedding- top/bottom sheets & pillow case & towels. Bathroom facilities are 4-rooms to a bathroom. It doesn't seem like a bad deal when you consider its proximity to the beer tent. Drink, take a nap, drink some more, pass out in airconditioned privacy. They will try to fill Brotherton Hall first then move on to Cobb Hall. There is parking near the dorm. Call Valerie @ 304-357-4807.

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