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Thread: BMW R1200R tank bag is a piece of junk...

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    BMW R1200R tank bag is a piece of junk...

    I acquired the tank bag when I purchased the 2009 R1200R from another member. The bike had only 2500 miles on it and everything was great except for the fact that the tank bag had already caused discoloration on the white gas tank. I wasn't too worried since I like to have the tank bag on at all times.

    I purchased the bike last November. As the weather warmed I rode it as frequently as possible and the map window started to yellow. Then, during a 5000-mile trip to Wyoming and back during the past two weeks, the plastic became brittle and broke when I inserted a map. The flap of plastic then broke off in the slipstream and left a gaping hole.

    I noticed as I gassed up each time that the bag is leaving gooey skid marks on the gas tank from the rubber padding. I didn't spill gas on it. Like the plastic map case it just seems to be made from inferior material.

    Meanwhile, my BIL was riding along with me with his Marsee tank bag with original map case clear and clean after 40 years of use.

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    I also have a 2009 RT, and got a tank bag the same day I got the bike. I have not had any problems and find the bag great, and get a lot of comments from other riders how good it is.

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    Mine must be one of those Chinese counterfeits...

    because it hasn't held up at all.

    The plastic map case hasn't yellowed?

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    Look at the RKA bags. I am extremely happy with mine. Price is right and quality is good. PLUS: It is a small family-owned venture here in the USA. There is also a write-up by Don E... on the R1200R Forum. He seems pleased with his RKA bag.

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    RKA Tank Bag

    +1 on the RKA tank bag. I have one and it rode all the way to the Bloomsburg Rally and back with no issues. I particularly like the feature of the safety strap that wraps around the handlebars to keep the tankbag in place so it won't fly off in the event that the magnets lose their grip.

    I also have a Motofizz Through Tank Bag which is smaller that I use for short trips. A nice little bag, but it has no plastic map sleeve on top.

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    My bag window yellowed after 2 seasons. The bag is good otherwise

    I found a sea tress to replace the plastic window with better material for $75. It works fine now

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    rf: This is a BMW badged bag?

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    The label on the inside says "BMW Motorrad"

    I assume that is official BMW equipment.

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    The map window on the RT tank bag I bought with my '07 RT in Nov 2007 turned yellow after a year and has now failed entirely--literally fell apart. I am looking at one of these to velcro to the rubberized top of the RT. bag.

    I had a RKA bag for my '96 R11R. I rode with it on the bike pretty much full time for more than 8 years and 80K miles. I was very happy with it. If it weren't for the RT attachment system, I would still be using it. Great bags.

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    A guy on ADVrider just had the same thing happen to his BMW tank bag.

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    Yeah, I think I have to contact the BMW people...

    This is not a premium product.

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     ?

    if you leave it out in the sun to cook, it will fall apart. it's the nature of the beast.

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    A nice sheet of Lexan would work...

    and that would make it a quality product.

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    BMW tank bag

    The map case on the bag is junk and will yellow. It can be fixed by replacing the plastic (yellow) with new better plastic.

    I had it done at a shop that does repairs on plastic used around boats. Cost was $75 but it works fine now.

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