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Thread: Apartment MtOlympus 6 BR AC

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    Angry Apartment MtOlympus 6 BR AC

    For you tent sufferers, head over to conference services. I gave up going because of heat, not a good time for me. $300 to me for today and Sat. Be sure the AC works. Who ever takes it is responsible for the place and contact me rhpace1 -at- or PM.

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    If 6 people go in at $300 for 2 nights that is $25 a night each. Too expensive I will negotiate. Go to BU to get the apt. They will let me know if someone takes it. Like the MOA BU does not refund. I am glad I did not pre-register.

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    It went to a group of real bikers passing through - bicyclers that use their legs not motors - for Friday night. It is still available for Saturday. Contact conference services at BU if interested.

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