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Thread: Best Swimming Hole @ Bloomsburg

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    Best Swimming Hole @ Bloomsburg

    OK People if you are here(@ Bllomsburg), it is necessary to find the best swimming hole near the Fair it is.
    Go out the gate-turn left and follow the road along the creek.
    There are several spots along this road on the right next to the creek (NOTICE WHERE THE TALL GRASS IS VOID AND THE PATHS ARE).
    The best one though is further down by the covered bridge under the railroad tracks, it has a small beach and the water is cool and beautiful.
    Just thought you should know.
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    Yea..I hr the kids from Camp Gear are hav'n a great time down there..

    currently at the Bloomsburg Rally

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    Everyone is having a blast

    The people who are not having fun are the ones at home on the computer complaining about things they have no control over.

    Some more of my riding buddies are coming in today. We plan on continuing the fun through Sunday; then riding back in MUCH cooler weather.
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    Found it:)

    Nice covered bridge over river swimming hole was a EXTREMELY nice break from the weather. Randy

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    Met a nice guy named Peter while looking for the swimming hole last night. We chickened out but had a nice chat.

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