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Thread: S 1000RR vs M3

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    The only place the car has a clear advantage is sustained high speed cornering - bigger rubber on 4 wheels= more g's.
    On a tight enough series of corners the M3 will have the advantage but a drag race or anthing over a straight line for a moderate distance isn't even going to be close to a contest when the bike can run 9 second quarters and notch within spitting distance of 200 mph in stock trim (and a real 200 with only the most trivial of changes). Look up the M3's performance specs and note the rather large differences in both speed and acceleration capability. Marketing guys for the car must like the notice and the fact that they didn't show an inexpensive bike leaving a pricey car way back in the dust in a side by side match.

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    Another advantage is I can sip my coffee, adjust the airconditioning, while adjusting the lumbar support on my seat in the M3.

    I hate car/motorcycle comparisons because they are two different worlds and neither is trying to be the other.

    How about a race between a Being 747 and an HD Road King? They both have wheels right?

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