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Thread: Will there be airhawk cushions at the rally??

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    Question Will there be airhawk cushions at the rally??

    I have ridden 4635 miles to get to sw pa. My butt hurts! Is there anyway to know if anyone will be carrying airhawk pads at the rally? I really need to know. If not, I need to order one now for the ride back to Oregon !
    Larry Kniess
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    Don't know about Airhawk, but(t) from looking at vendors list, I see there is 'Butt Buffer' well as Tri State Butt Buffer...

    I'm certain there will be someone who will be interested in your back side...

    see you there

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    You don't want an Airhawk

    You don't want an Airhawk... you want a Bead Rider (and they're on the vendor list for the Rally).

    We rode two BMW F650GSes from Boston to Ushuaia, and this is from our gear review:

    "In the end we both decided we preferred the BeadRider beaded seat cover over the AirHawk. The AirHawk provides a soft and constant pressure that adjusts as you move. Unfortunately this means there‘«÷s an inescapably constant pressure on your butt. A beaded seat cover allows you to move around to relieve pressure points and is surprisingly comfortable. Three of the AirHawk‘«÷s four strap attachment points ripped out of the cover, and whenever it rained while you were off the bike you had to sit your nice dry butt on a soaking wet cloth cover. While we didn‘«÷t have any problems a few riders we encountered had an exceptional amount of trouble with their AirHawks getting leaks and requiring lots of patching.

    Wet Wet Wet

    The BeadRider wasn‘«÷t perfect though. Too many accidental kicks when throwing a leg over the seat snapped the heavy-duty fishing line that holds the beads together. A few beads were lost on the side, and we had to re-knot them in a few places to keep other beads from falling off. The slipperiness of the ceramic beads left Dachary sliding forwards on her seat. The wooden ones aren‘«÷t as durable but they aren‘«÷t as slippery under your butt either.

    Fixing the BeadRider... again"

    Since getting home, I've replaced my Bead Rider and Kay has swapped out his Airhawk for a Bead Rider...

    If you still decide you'd prefer an Airhawk, though, we've got a used one for sale and we could bring it along to the rally

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    I'll vote for beads too. I've been using them for several years with great results. Something to think about, if you want to try them go to Walmart or an auto parts store and pick up one for a car seat at a cheap price. Trim it down to fit your seat and you're good to go.

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    Beads win over AirHawk 2 for me

    I too recommend the beads over the Airhawk - but it's not my butt. The OEM seats on the GSA is harsh after 1.5 hrs.

    I read all the posts, bought the Airhawk 2 main seat and pillion. I rode to work after setting the seat, as they instructed - full and release until butt bones touches seat. I really did not like the squishy-ness and rolling around on the seat. Even with the majority of the air let out, After 20 mins, I took it off and sent it back.

    I then ordered the Beads. Way cheaper and much better bang for the buck. They're weird at first and it's still not the real answer for OEM stiff seats. Still it's far better. you can move around and massage your spots. The best factor is that you're not in contact with the vinyl. That's amazing. The only negs I have is that the beads are black and get real hot after leaving the bike in the sun and I wish they had extended the pattern more like a U-shape so your inner thighs are off the tank a bit too. I'm going to ask them to make me a 4" extension that I can add to the front of the seat for that.

    I'm going to the rally to buy a seat hopefully. I will still use the beads, at least for most of the summer and probably year round so I get air. Also you're off the seat when it rains, so drier in the long-run.

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    You might check out Bob's BMW tent at the rally. I heard they will have quite a lot of gear available. Lee Park's Designs also stocks the various styles of Airhawks.

    I've used beads and airhawks. Each has its benefits; beads are especially nice in keeping a dry crotch in the rain (and in dry allows sweat to evaporate). I'd give a properly inflated (ie low inflated) hawk the advantage in comfort. But riding pant & underwear play significant roles in seat comfort. Cotton pants (jeans) are horrible IME. A nice pair of MC specific riding pants over unseamed poly underwear have been good for me.

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    My wife has an Airhawk on her Honda, I tried it on my RT and it put my legs to sleep. I'm planning on picking up a Beadrider at the rally.

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    I have beads as well..but the AirHawk dealer is here at the Rally

    Currently at Bloomsburg Rally

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