It's funny to see this post - I enjoy the MOA because it isn't the sharky community like the SoCal sportbike scene I was out and about in during my 30's/ZX11 years. At 48 I prefer the relaxed nature of MOA GTG's and low-keyness, and also prefer my sportbiking to be with very small groups now, and the competition muted. It really cuts down on the accident factor and plastic litter on interesting roads.

However, when the MOA sent me their survey, I replied with a very detailed list of reasons gathered from my 24 year old son and his buddies. Here's what they want:

1.) To meet gals their age that ride..don't we all?
2.) To meet gals...

3.) They thought the bigger MOA events were good, but wanted these types of events locally and lower cost; IOW more local clubs doing stuff. Since they mostly ride sportbikes, a 500 mile + trip is more or less out of the question. Never stopped me but this is the XBox generation.

4.) Money for them is a big concern and although brand cost for a BMW is an issue, maintenance cost is too.

His BMW pick was an F800ST but we couldn't find a nice used one that wasn't lowered, so he ended up with an SV650. Nice bike though he would have ridden the ST more due to comfort.

Also, the younger folks do tend to be more competitive, and more inclined to take unsupported risks (riding outside the envelope, etc). I guess in the end, I think the MOA caters to the age group it caters to and that's probably a good thing.

I'll be showing up at the next local KY rally on the 1000RR just for fun though : )