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Thread: Hello from Kansas City Area

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    Hello from Kansas City Area

    My name is Nick. I am a 32 year old icu nurse in the KC area. I have been enjoying and touring on an 04 K1200RS for the better part of 3 years now. I love the bike and it has been an amazing experience for me! I can't wait to enjoy my first national rally next week! I have enjoyed many smaller rallies around the midwest and I look forward to meeting lots of new people and put faces with the many names I have learned from lurking on here and on other forums. Ride far and ride safe!

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    Welcome Nick. I'm not far away in St. Louis. Too bad I won't make it to the national rally, but hope to meet you at the Falling Leaf Rally in Potosi, MO in October. Cheers!
    Mark M, St. Louis, '13 R1200GS

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    From MARS
    Hey, Nick.

    I'm in the Flint Hills. Drop me a PM if you're ever heading this way.


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    Great to see you here, Nick!

    Welcome ; )

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Thanks, Voni! I finally decided to join. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Tom I ride through or drive through Elmdale a few times a year. My family is originally from Newton, KS so I know 50 highway quite well. I will definately shoot you a PM next time I'm headed that way!

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    From MARS
    Quote Originally Posted by rcjhk View Post
    .........Tom I ride through or drive through Elmdale a few times a year. ......... I will definitely shoot you a PM next time I'm headed that way!
    Having owned an '03 K12RS, I know that riding through Elmdale on one doesn't take long!

    I look forward to making your acquaintance.


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    Hi Nick!

    I'm also in the Kansas City area.

    I hope to attend the rally next week.
    I'm waiting to get my transmission back this week and get it in by the weekend...
    Kansas. Eleven curves in three hundred eighteen miles...
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    Hello KC

    The KCBMWMC meets the 4th Monday of every month at the Westport Flea Market at 7 PM. Most get there a little early to order before the meeting. Nice people to meet, Come on by sometime.
    Bob Rippy
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    Exclamation Nick, welcome

    Looking forward to meeting you, Nick.

    We're expecting about 10,000 people or so next week, so do a couple of things right to get a much as possible out of the Rally.

    After registration, ask to find the Ambassadors first-timers booth. The registration folks should be able to tell you. Stop by, and ask for advice from Ambassadors who have been to maybe ten or twenty of these events. Ask any questions you can think of.

    Be sure to study the Rally Program a little before you wander off into the throng. Just about every moment of every day, there are three to six things going on, maybe more. The first night that you have the program, try to read it through. Mark it up. It will help the next days to figure out what you really want to see and do.

    Make friends. Feel free to stop anybody appropriate and just say something like it's your first rally, and ask a question. If you don't get a good and polite answer, ask again. There are mostly fine people in the BMW riding community. You want to take advantage of that.

    In between times, the park benches, picnic tables, beer tent, vendor areas and seminars are good places to meet people before and after. The Ambassadors are also having a "Meet and Greet" for first timers. Check the program. I hope it works out well, but we'll see.

    My main advice is to read the program and sort of plan the things that are important to you. Meet people. Button-hole them. Make some friends. Ask questions. You will only be disappointed if you get quiet and don't go for it.

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