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Thread: Help me find a bluetooth solution

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    Help me find a bluetooth solution

    Here's what I want to do. I want to connect a gps and my DROID to my scala g4. For music I stream pandora or mp3 from my DROID. I know the 660 doesn't let you stream audio through it. If my DROID is paired with the 660 it will only pass phone calls.
    Is there another device that will let me centrally connect my audio devices and then bluetooth them to my helmet. Im sure this device would have to be able to prioritize the connections. Any ideas?

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    I have used a BlueAnt F4 for quite some time now. Great speakers /mic, handles my Droid, Ipod and at least one other device (could be GPS or inter-bike communication).

    If I'm listening to my Ipod and a call comes in, it automatically pauses the Ipod, then resumes when I hang up. You can answer / hang up call by voice or external button. I know it prioritizes all three devices, but I'm not sure what order, since I only use two.

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    The Scala is making that call on their software. You might call them and ask if there is a work around. I have the 550 that is waterproof but does not work Bluetooth. For what it is worth I have used GPS before they had the capability and just don't see the need to hear it as I can look at the directions when needed. Nothing wrong with hearing the directions either but not necessary to get where you want to go. When I purchased the 550 I looked at the Zumo models and when I figured out it was tunes or the British chick in my ear I picked the tunes. If I want a woman blathering directions in my ear I drive my wife's car with her in the passenger seat!

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    Will handle what you're looking for, good fidelity as well.

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