from Washington state. riding in the northwest has been a terrific experiance this summer into fall, the best pics from my lovely wife known as copilot and self......1st. Davenport north to Kettlefalls following the Columbia river, Colville east on hwy 20 to hwy31 left towards Canada to Metalinefalls, then around Sullivan lake,absolute marvil in spectacular view, then over to Sandpoint to Clarkfork to Tompson Falls.......2nd. Spokane east to CD'a turn south onhwy 97 following the Coeur d'Alene lake, another splendor, make your way to Lewiston ,south on 129 Rattlesnake caynon, motorcycle Heaven, to Enterprise Oregon, east to Joseph, then Wallowa lake with elk grazing at your feet all over, then east 3-4 miles hang right at halfway junction for a motorcyle journey 70 miles approx on a narrow pavement thru a national forest that is the best we have found without hicking, then acrossed the Brownlee Dam, awsome view closeup, hwy 71 at hwy 95 head north for a unbelieveable view following the Salmon river, be sure to stop in Riggins for freshly roasted coffee daily, the best we have tasted, then to LoLo pass hwy 12.....Enjoy the ride.matthew