I just got back from riding down to see my son in the Marines. It was beautiful. I rode south east from Mi. Down 340 through Viginia. East to Chesapke. Took US 17 to NC. Hung with my son a few days. Then headed west to Gatlinburg. The Smokeys were spectacular even in the rain. I wasn't happy about my 93 mile an hour ticket outside of Nashville but what are you going to do. Then I rode the smaller roads up to Chicago hung out with some freinds for a few days. Then accross US 20 through a hail storm. I ate at this cool Amish restruant at 5 and 20. Then back towards home. It was a great, peaceful trip. Staying mostly on the smaller roads with all the small towns and all the freindly people. Man I love my LT. It felt like it was smiling right along with me the whole 3000 miles.