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Thread: Broken down just outside Louisville

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    Broken down just outside Louisville

    I'm on a road trip on my K75 with my buddy on an old '75 Honda CB 750 and we've hit some trouble. He lost his oil cap and it seems like the hot oil hosed the tube in his rear tire. We're waiting for a tow truck on the side of I-65 as I write this.

    Wondering if anyone knows of somebody in Louisville who works on old Hondas (i.e. Might have an oil cap and a tube)?


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    Dunno which way you're headed, but I'm just south of Indy and have some old CB550's in my garage. You're welcome to an oil cap off of one of them - assuming it'll fit.
    If it doesn't fit, we can machine a plug for him on my lathe - piece of cake to do.

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    We're headed back up to NYC, but I just might take you up on that if we can't find anything in town.

    We just got a tow to the local HD dealer (also the BMW dealer here!). They might have some advice as well.

    If not, any thought on improvising?


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    Yup - know right where you're at - just south of downtown off of I-65.

    If they can't help you, let me know and I can get the plug and inner tube to you. Can bring some tire irons along as well. If they are open tomorrow, gotta believe they can help you out.

    If not, gimme a call.


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