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Thread: Shop Referral - Southeastern Mass

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    Shop Referral - Southeastern Mass

    Hello to all: I'm a fairly new member and owner of an R1200C . I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can recommend an independent mechanic familar with BMW's in the Southeastern Mass/ Attleboro area. Any leads would be much appreciated.
    Barry Rosen

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    1200C Information

    I used to own an R1200C and did most of the routine work on mine myself. They are pretty simple and I'll share the link where I got my step-by-step instructions on how to do the work with you. This information is very good and saved me a lot of money.

    If you are set on having a mechanic do the work, you are in range of Max BMW who are good folks. You are also in the heart of Yankee Beemer country, if you pose this question on their boards, I'm sure you'll get some reliable local information.

    Another good source of information is:

    Good Luck, Don
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    Closest good mechanics to you are at Razee's in North Kingston RI. Your other option is MAX BMW in North Hampton, NH and they will pick up and deliver your bike via their van.

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