Hi all,

I just completed the 2011 CLASS at VIR in Virginia. While I will be making generally positive comments about the course elsewhere on the forum, I want to direct one specific comment to the gals.

I counted a maximum of five women in a field of 75 riders this week. Not only was i surprised by that, but I was really unprepared to be the the only girl without a husband. There weren't even any gal pals or mixed unmarried couples. This class is raging with testosterone which can sometimes inhibit everyone's ability to learn, as you may read if somebody reports on the class to our group. That doesn't mean you won't have a blast, but girls ready to shell out the thousand bucks for this extreme learning and racing adventure will want to know this info.

I bonded with half a dozen great guys, by the way, and I'll never forget our days in CLASS. But they need to balance the group with more women, no doubt about that.

Stay smooth,