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Thread: New Version of Basecamp (Mac)

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    New Version of Basecamp (Mac)

    There is a new version of Basecamp out, 3.2.1. Downloaded and installed just fine. All previous data preserved. Looks like it may have some interesting new features. Will connect both the Zumo and the 765T to it later to see how things work. For a list of changes:
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    I tried this about a month ago and it froze my MacBook Pro. Thank goodness for Time Machine.

    I just downloaded it again earlier this week and now it works.

    Of course, it did nothing so smooth over the hell that is the Garmin map unlock process.

    I'll spare you my saga with my new Garmin Montana GPS and City Navigator 2012, let's just say if I created software products for my clients that work like Garmin's, I wouldn't get paid.

    Their hardware is great, their software sucks.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    I'm not impressed with the routing algorithms it uses compared to the version I was using. I had a heck of a time convincing it to use certain roads. About twice as many shaping points needed. Other than that it looks pretty good. I like that you can customize the routing preferences based on travel method (car, motorcycle, foot....). Also it looks like you can change which map features it shows you based on travel method too.

    I only spent an hour or so working with it though, so I'll learn more as I go. I still think I'll resort to Mapsource on my Windows VM on the Mac for longer route creation though.
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