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    Cycle Gear Service

    I've been using Cycle Gear for my last 5 tire changes. A funny thing happened this time.
    They told me that they could not balance my rear tire because they don't have the adapter to fit my wheel off of my RT. Not only do they not have it, but they have never had it. I asked them how they balanced it in the past and I got no answer. Hmmm.....I was charged for it! Oh, and on top of that I was charged for two valve stems. I asked them to look at the wheels..........The valve stems are machined into the wheels!!
    Anyone else had similar experiences?
    Paul Witt
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    The rear wheel adapter is an issue at every place that is not a BMW dealer. Apparently is costs quite a bit. My closest BMW dealer is almost 2 hours away. I have lots of Japanese and HD dealers near and all of them have the issue on the rear. What I have found is that it really is not an issue and if they line the paint dot up with the stem you are good. I had the same issue on my Italian bike. At the end of the day the front that is balanced cups out as bad as the back that is not balanced so the whole set has got to go anyway. I refuse to go to the BMW dealer and listen to them bitch about me bringing a set and have them charge me $75 a wheel to mount and balance. If I buy the set from the dealer is only runs more. I would rather save $150-200 and buy new rubber more often. I likes me some new rubbers.

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    Take your rear tire to an auto tire shop for balancing. I mounted and balanced my pr2 on the automotive equipment I have at work.

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    I like Cycle Gear, I even find the fine young people working there somewhat knowledgeable on some subjects...

    That being said, there aint no way in hell I would let them change my tires...

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