So, I was taking a couple weeks off in Germany after a 90 day tour in Iraq. My family came over to meet me. We had an extensive and intense schedule, planned for every day of the trip. The day we were to leave the Edelwiess Lodge in Garmisch to go to the BMW Motorcycle museum in Munich, but I kept seeing an increasing number of BMW motorcycles. I freaked out when I saw a K1200RS silver and blue invasion striped just like mine and followed him to the 2011 Motorrad Days. Little did I know I was right beside the largest BMW get together in Europe!! It was awesome! My son and I walked around the pace and had a blast. I loved it and will be wearing the T-shirt at the Rally in Bloomsburg, Pa. There were dirt bikes running on a track, stunt riders, tons of vendors, and of course the wonder smells of roasting chicken and wurst and oh yeah, the BEER! Oh well, maybe I'll catch the BMW Museum next time. I feel I made the right decision