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OK, it might happen. I was talking to a BMW dealer who was telling me it's top secret stuff, but BMW IS actually thinking of making an F800RT. They've gotten a lot of feedback about the weight of the R1200RT, and how people like it, but they would like a lighter bike...the F series is the right weight, but not ideal for longer touring....so they might maybe have heard our cries. I'm in the same boat. I do not like the seating position of the F800ST, the GS is way too tall, the 650GS lacks performance, so the money stays in my pocket cuz there's nothing BMW makes that I want right now. I'll just stick with the too heavy RT right now!
That would be awesome if it happens! I don't "need" another bike but if they make the f800RT I am defiantly buying one.

I guess a may need a bigger garage!