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Thread: security on trips

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    Bike safety at hotel

    Originally posted by sailorlite, "Why the recommendation above to park on the side stand? I've been putting my RT up on its center stand at motels, but I don't really have a good reason for it."

    Kevin (Greenwald in his ON article last year) stated that parking on the side stand gives the bike greater stability....i.e. the 3-points bearing the weight offer more stability vs. parking on the center stand where the bike can definitely move a bit.
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    Real security

    I prefer a .357 magnum. Always keep it in tank bag for quick access. If you have time, insert earplugs before firing...

    "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."

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    Prayer and the exercise of Faith. Even when by myself, I never am traveling alone.


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    From the Moderator Team......
    While the topic of security on the road is important, the Mod Team would like to remind all that the the discussion of Firearms is one of topics that we can't get involved with here on the MOA Forum. POSTING GUIDELINES
    Thanks for your cooperation.
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    If you feel you need weapons of any kind whatsoever while traveling pick your stop locations more carefully. Clues I don't want to be there include:

    boarded up storefronts
    trash all over
    bars on windows
    itty bitty peep holes at the motel desk
    cars on jack stands
    folks on the curb with bottles in brown bags

    My point is that there are lots of nice places to stop, and lots of places to avoid. Be discerning of your surroundings and ride on. Plan to stop early enough that you can see your surroundings and move on if you don't like where you are.

    I always fuel before entering major cities so I don't wind up taking an off ramp into a "bad part" of town. I usually stop at motels in smaller rather than larger towns, and if in a city go upscale rather than downscale to buy some security. In the past several years the only time I have stayed in a motel/hotel in a major city it has been for an organized group event. Otherwise, small towns and suburbs are better choices.**

    **32 years as a City Planner, Community Development Director specializing in restoration of slums and blighted areas.
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    When you feel the need to carry weapons of any kind and take special precautions to feel safe on a trip, is there still any fun in going on the trip?
    I mean, sure you need to be cautious and use common sense about where you go, just like any other day. But taking special measures on a trip...I'm not sure if I want to travel in that state of mind. I do carry a small knife (a Leatherman tool to be precize), but I'd rather not try to use it in an awkward situation. Chances are that you end up stabbed with your own knife if you're not used to use it that way.

    I'm aware of the dishonest and honourless part of our civilization, but I don't want to travel thinking about those things. Having said that, I really do realize that it's a reality. I experienced it in a motel outside New Orleans in 2000. Around 3AM there was somebody prying in the lock with a key. We had the room locked and the key was in the lock (and turned) at the inside so they were unsuccesful in opening the door. When we realized there was somebody we yelled some strong words and went back to sleep. Some 10 minutes later, the phone rang and somebody said that we should come to the office because there was something wrong with out reservation. I said 'First thing in the morning' and hung up. Next day, the man at the desk said there had been nobody...
    I guess we were lucky that we didn't open the door and that I was too sleepy to realize what just happened. But we didn't gave it too much thought afterwards.

    But, like I said, I won't let it affect my holiday. I'll just use my common sense and be careful like I am everywhere. Fortunately I'm a big guy and not a 'common target' for people with bad things in mind. Maybe that's my luck, but I'm also convinced that your attitude has a lot to do with it. If you don't act, move and behave like a target, you're not likely to be one.
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    That "call the room" bit to get you out of it at night is a common robbery predecessor event in FL hotels, in NOLA (infamous for an ineffective and corrupt police force) and probably other places. One of many reasons I strongly prefer the old style motels now so often run by Indian families and not associated with major chains. (Yes I know about the shotgun utility area design of many of these and the fact that secret filming thru 1 way mirrors or small holes in the mirror coating has been done at some). Don't be naive enough to fall for obvious ploys just because you've had a long day on the road.

    NEVER leave a hotel room at night in response to a call from someone you don't know. If your presence is required a police officer will appear at your door eventually after your refusal. Once was interrupted that way in Ft. Lauderdale when the cops needed to dig a 9 mm slug out of my rental while I was staying at a major chain location that had a bar on site. Turned out two local dealers had gotten in a shooting match in the parking lot with a resulting fatality. The Hertz guys didn't even blink an eyebrow when I told them the rental I was returning had been shot up a little and gave them the investigating officer's contact info- must be more common than I suspected?

    Scams by employee theft from hotel reception area safes used to be very common and may still be - don't ever leave anything of value out of your control and take only what you need when traveling.

    Like many I own various things that can be employed for protection but the most important tool is what one has between the ears. Protecting your bike is of minor importance compared to protecting yourself.

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    Like gun talk on this forum, firecrackers are usually against the law in a formal campground-shame on you twice! I keep ADVrider bookmarked for those "other" discussions
    Paul has it right & I'll add, "if the peep hole is in bullet proof glass
    As to bike getting stolen, very unlikely, but any quickly removed goodies are sure fair game. As for Mom & Pops, of course they are mostly all gone with the demise of the greatest generation & many of those remaining have become houses of ill repute/drug havens. I have read threads that dealt with the bike lock issue and the general opinion seems to be they are mostly a waste.

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    I might add, in southern Arizona if not armed you will be one of the few. Smaller towns here are the worst. This country is crawling with illegals carrying drugs and weapons. I wouldn't even consider a tent in these parts or any campground with or without protection. Things have escalated a lot the past two to three years. We don't ride or drive to our favorite spot in MX anymore. (Rocky Point) I do miss it but not worth the risk. Not to cry wolf, but be cautious when in these parts. It is now legal to carry a weapon conceled or not in the state of AZ without a permit of any kind.


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    Pick a level spot by the front door out of the way. Most hotels I have stayed at will allow me to put it by the front door in an out of the way place away from cars etc. Put it on the center stand and go in for the night after removing everything from the bike. I like the center stand, still have three points of contact. I try to face it into the wind or butt into the wind if I can tell which way it blows. I don't use a cover because I don't want it to become a sail and take my bike with it should the weather turn bad.
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