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Thread: US 2 through North Dakota

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    US 2 through North Dakota

    Back in February, we committed ourselves to a ride from Orondo WA over US 2 to Duluth (and then four days of riding in Northern Wisconsin).

    The ride is scheduled to start on July 9 (fairly easy days) and had us planning to RON on the third night in Minot. The RON itself is now patently impossible--I can't imagine, given the dimensions of the flooding, that there's anyplace available.

    My question is about US 2 itself. According to the ND DOT maps, 2 appears to be closed at the moment east of Minot; there may be other places with water on the road as well. Is there anyone on the forum with insights in the passability of US 2 in that area in a week? Or do we just plan to swing south according to the ND DOT detour maps?

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    Not that familiar with ND roads. I would suggest to have a back up plan that takes you south and as you near Minot a check with ND DOT would be in order. Suggest a phone call better than checking a web site. I have found over the years the state web sites are sometimes slow to update.


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    I haven't been through there this year, but I did grow up near the Devils Lake area, where US 2 also runs through.

    I'd swing south of the Minot area. Most of North Dakota is wetter than normal this year, and we've all seen the news about Minot. Get out your maps or GPS or whatever, and swing south.

    There are various options that would allow you to swing back up to US 2.
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    Us 2

    Check the ND government DOT site. If up to date it should answer all of your qestions.
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    I wouldn't be concerned about getting through on #2. We live close enough to get the news from the area and we'd sure hear about it if 2 was completely closed. Probably old business 2 through downtown Minot is closed but the truck by-pass loop around town shoud be open. There will be detours marked if not. I think finding a place to stay in that region will be your biggest problem. May have to ride past to Devil's Lake or Grand Forks for a room.

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    Check for what I call Road DEconstruction in Montana on 2. They tear up the whole road and you get to ride in the unformed roadbed at times. Doable, but not a great lot of fun on a road bike.

    Just east of Havre was the worst a month ago.

    But a really beautiful ride nonetheless.

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